Matt Smith with the Olympic Torch

As the sun rises across Cardiff Bay we see Matt Smith (Doctor Who) the eleventh Doctor with the olympic torch. No, this is not a new episode of Doctor Who or part of the minisode a day ago, but the actor himself with the ACTUAL olympic torch. Walking up to the Norwegian Church Arts Centre which will be the mini-base for the morning, he jokes around with the crowd, “What are you doing up so early?”

While speaking with BBC one he says;

‘I’m very excited about the run,’ he reveals. ‘It’s a huge privilege. A once in a lifetime thing.’ A slight pause and a grin. ‘Let’s hope I don’t trip over!’

Smith is clearly excited as he takes up the torch with pride while cheered on by the equally if not even more excited crowd.

‘I love the whole sense of the Olympics,’ Matt reflects. ‘I mean it’s so early in the morning but there are so many people here with bunting and there’s a great atmosphere and everything’s so celebratory…’ He looks across the crowds. ‘I’m excited to be part of it!’ And his over-riding emotion? ‘Thrilled,’

[Source: BBC one]

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