Ys Origin coming to Steam next week

Adol Christin has been through countless adventures and has always been the hero of the Ys series since 1987. Nihon Falcom created a PC title that would last for decades. Ys I: ‘Ancient Ys Vanished’ became a cult classic and created a series of titles spanning more consoles and handheld systems since then.

Ys Origins won’t have Adol in the main story, since the game starts a few years before the events of the first Ys game. It instead brings life to the events before everything began, and Adol himself goes adventuring and gives more insight to the twin goddesses and pearl from the first Ys game.

Xseed announced that Ys Origin will be heading to the Steam online service next week for $19.99 and featuresĀ online leaderboards, enhanced game pad support, widescreen monitor compatibility, and it uses Steam cloud to play anywhere.

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