Iron Man 3 budget increases thanks to The Avengers

Iron Man 3’s budget was reported to be $140 million. Now that The Avengers film has been smashing records all over the place, it’s been reported that Disney and Marvel want the solo Iron Man 3 film to do as big as the Avengers by increasing the budget to $200 million. That’s $60 million more. Director Shane Black should be happy with this news.

But wait a minute, the budget for Iron Man 2 was $200 million. All this means for me is that Disney and Marvel didn’t have faith before. I just hope that they have the balls to have The Mandarin as the main villain, and not him being an organization with Ben Kinglsey as the leader. If they don’t have the Mandarin, at least give us some cyborg action, because I’m getting sick of the whole man-in-suit villains.

There is also news about Iron Man 3 going into production. Today marks the first day of principal photography with the production name “Caged Heat.” The film is being shot in Wilmington, North Carolina, so if you’re in the area, have a drink with Robert Downey, Jr.

Source: Latino-Review

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