NR Interview: Johnny Yong Bosch’s Eyeshine – Making the Band

If you’re a fan of super sentai, anime or video games, chances are you’ve come across Johnny Yong Bosch. For me, he played one of my favorite characters in anime, Vash the Stampede from Trigun, and also one of my favorite characters in Power Rangers, Adam. If you’re into Bleach, he voiced Ichigo. And for video games, he did the voice and motion acting for Nero in Devil May Cry 4. I wasn’t really a fan of Nero, since he took away Dante’s spotlight (Sorry Johnny).

Nerd Reactor’s Mike Villareal had a chance to interview Johnny Yong Bosch and his rock band Eyeshine about their past, present, and future.

Thanks to Eyeshine for taking their time out to do an interview with us. Much appreciated guys!

Johnny – Lead vocals, guitar
Maurice – Drums, piano, vocals
Polo – Lead guitar
Crystal – Bass

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