Sega, Nintendo and THQ ignore Gamescom

Gamescom is like the biggest video gaming convention in the world that takes place in Germany in August. The event had 270,000 attendees last year. That’s more attendees than even San Diego Comic-Con. It looks like having big numbers of attendees isn’t going to cut it, since THQ, Sega and Nintendo will be a NO SHOW at Gamescom this year.

Nintendo announced it wasn’t going to attend Gamescom in April. You’d think they want to showcase their new console, the Wii U, at the biggest video game convention in the world. I guess they have a better plan, like setting up sample stations throughout Germany.

Whilst Gamescom is a fantastic show, we have taken the decision not to attend this year’s event. Instead we are planning a number of sampling events later this year inline with the European Marketing-, PR- and Event-activities in which our fans will have the opportunity to play upcoming games. Further details will be announced soon.

THQ will also not have a booth at Gamescom. Then again, they also won’t have a booth at E3. What they will have are meeting rooms at E3. As for Gamescom, the company said “the team is still discussing options.”

Sega said that attending Gamescom isn’t just possible with their release dates for their video games. “Unfortunately the release timing of our 2012 AAA titles and new projects don’t work with the mid- August scheduling of the show,” said the company with the hedgehog mascot. “The decision will not mean that Sega will never attend Gamescom in the future, this was simply a commercial decision made for 2012.” Sorry Gamescom.

As a California gamer, I’m surprised we don’t have a huge video game convention of our own for the public. Oh sure we have E3, but that’s more of a trade event. We did have E for All, but that faded into oblivion quickly.

Source: VG247, GI and GI (Sega)

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