Wyrd Con 2012 – LARPING and ARGING for all

This year’s Tri Wyrd convention is of interactive storytelling bringing the life of LARPING, transmedia entertainment giants, Blizzard creative minds, and an assortment of LARPING games, activities, and contests that are fun for the whole family. The event takes place from June 21st-24th at the Hilton in sunny Costa Mesa, California. In addition to all the LARPING (Live Action Role Playing), ARGING (Alternative Reality Gaming) will also be featured with live simulations of fantasy realm storytelling. Wyrd Con goes beyond dressing up and living out a fun LARPING time. Educational and professional panels provide presentational discussions about how different life scenarios cater to these interactions and what effect they might have psychologically.

Who will be there

A lot of what gamers see in the video games they play derive from the creative minds that love this background. Some special guests include Micky Neilson, James Waugh, and Flint Dille. These three are the guru’s behind the stories and lore of most Blizzard entertainment franchises. (Diablo III, World Of Warcraft, Star Craft) With key note speaker, Jeff Gomez, president and CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, the event should entail almost every type of audience. Jeff Gomez has worked on triple-a videogames, comic books, and novels which include: Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean, TRON Legacy, Microsoft’s Halo, James Cameron’s Avatar, Hasbro’s Transformers, and developed the classic Nintendo 64 game, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

How much does it cost

Register before June 1st for a badge price of $79. After June 1st or on site, badge price will be $90. Pre-register sometime before mid-June to guarantee** a beautiful custom designed Wyrd Con metal badge. So if you are tired of just Costplaying for show, go the next level and prove your psyche that you have what it takes to LARP your fantasy.

More information, please visit WyrdCon.com – We’ll see you there!

**Supplies limited.

Check out just a glimpse of last years event. From Up-loader: “Highlights from the brief time Runes of Gallidon was at Wyrd Con 2011. There were so many workshops, games, panels and events – this video barely does the conference justice!”

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