Rumor – What modes can we expect in Bioshock Infinite multiplayer?

While we can’t say for sure why Irrational Games has decided to delay their triple-A masterpiece, some new information has rolled in. A job post by Irrational Games was found on Gamasutra by twitter user SuperAnnuation. In it, the post lets out the multiplayer secret, though there is no guarantee that any multiplayer mode will make it into the final code:

“The BioShock Infinite team bets big on everything we do — we strive to be careful about the problems we tackle, innovative in our approach, solid in our implementation, and we polish the heck out of everything we do. Networking is no exception.”

Under responsibilities we found these other interesting tidbits to add to the pile:

“Work with the team who created BioShock network code.
Advising engineers on how to properly architect their systems for optimal networking
Extending and enhancing Unreal Engine 3 with proprietary networking tech to address gameplay, performance, platform, production, tools, and QA needs”

Lastly, the experience required has some of the most interesting information that points to a multiplayer mode, particularly the matchmaking and stat tracking:

“Previous experience developing network backend support on a multi-console title with support for matchmaking, stat tracking and analysis, in-game push updates, etc.”

Our guesses for Bioshock Infinite multiplayer modes

Blimp vs Blimp mode:

Say what? Yeah, blimp versus blimp mode. Why not? Each team starts out on a blimp. Both blimps are parallel to each other and are moving forward. Teams will be able to jump to the other blimp by rails that are either attached to the blimps or ones that just happen to be near at the time. Every so often, there may be an opportunity to jump onto a nearby building to do battle there and pick up weapons. Battles can take place in the building(s), and players can jump from the building(s) to the blimps via rails or superior jumping skills (imagine the blimps going around in a circle with the buildings in the center area). This might even be a great setting for capture the flag. The flag would have to be taken from a building and brought to the team’s moving blimp.

The blimps could even be on a rail system that allows players to change the direction of the blimp (think train tracks). To avoid making this a boring steer-fest, blimps could have special signs on the side of them that can be shot to change the blimp’s direction.

Co-op mode:

This one probably wouldn’t happen because Elizabeth, the NPC, is very integral to the story. Nevertheless, it may be possible to play this way after you’ve beaten the game. Resident Evil 5 did it, so who knows.

Hunter mode:

One person attempts to beat sections of the single-player game while other players who drop into the game play as enemies and attempt to stop the protagonist. This mode may have made its first appearance in the Nintendo 64’s Perfect Dark. I can only hope that more games include this type of gameplay, as it’s very, very fun.

Class-based multiplayer:

Though it’s possible that Irrational could tack on a multiplayer portion with the possibility to become a boss character like we saw in Bioshock 2, I don’t think they’ll do that. Ken Levine likes to shoot for more, and I doubt that he would settle for a retread. If anything, there might be a class-based system that has players controlling various enemy types who have specific weapons and abilities to help out their team (both teams having the same class options). The classes could even be created simply by grouping special powers together and calling that a “class”.

Objective-based multiplayer:

I can imagine one group of humans with powers going against a team of the bosses and enemies of the game. One team will have an objective to do, and the opposite team will attempt to stop them. After the round is over, the objective changes. The team who was defending is now on offense, and vice versa. Objectives may be things like taking out blimps with explosives, and loading and shooting cannons at special targets. This type of mode was possibly first seen in the Killzone series. I like that it keeps the multiplayer flowing to new things without kicking everyone out to the start-up screen.

If this multiplayer and/or co-op mode ever sees the light of day, you can bet that it will be great. Can you imagine sliding and flying around on the rail system while chasing someone down who has a flag? Bioshock Infinite is looking to be one of the best games of this generation, and I highly doubt that this team would tack on a pointlessly boring multiplayer mode just for the sake of doing so. Expect great things.
Just in case the job posting gets taken down, I have provided a screenshot of it for proof:

Via: VG247

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