Development on The Avengers 2 begins!

Today Disney CEO, Bob Iger, was on a conference call to discuss the companies 4th quarter earnings. While the current success of The Avengers was not included in the companies earnings, it did not stop Disney’s head-honcho from boasting about the success of the film and announcing that The Avengers 2 is in the works.

Over the weekend, The Avengers shattered box-office weekend records with its $207 million opening. Also today according to Box Office Mojo, the film has accumulated a whopping $500 million overseas.  The Avengers brought in another $17.7 million just yesterday in the States alone, bringing the grand total to about $744 million. The Avengers is currently estimated to reach $1 billion by this Sunday.

Naturally, a rivalry has started between fans over the success of The Avengers and how it will stack up against The Dark Knight Rises. Today, The Avengers will take The Dark Knight‘s title for being the fastest film to reach $250 million. Sorry Batman.

All of the original cast of The Avengers are slated to return for the sequel and even director Joss Whedon has an option to return to direct the film if he wishes. On a side note, Iron Man 3 is scheduled to hit summer of 2013 and Thor 2 will follow in the fall, and Captain America 2 is scheduled to hit theaters April 4th of 2014.

Source: Deadline

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