Are you man enough to own a Midnight Purple 3DS?

Did you know that the color purple has often historically been attached to royalty? Of course you did. Did you know that there are people who fear the color purple? The phobia is called “porphyrophobia“. So, if you happen to be walking around with your shiny new Midnight Purple 3DS, and someone happens to see you and run away, hysterically screaming, don’t be too upset. It probably wasn’t that you were wearing a gaudy hawaiian shirt or had dangerously unkempt and possibly flammable hair (probably).

The Midnight Purple 3DS is going on sale on May 20th, the same day that Mario Tennis Open just so happens to come out. Feel free to attempt to find any porphyrophobia-cursed people in your favorite public venues. Who knows, maybe you can double up the fear factor by simultaneously playing Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir too.

Source: Nintendo

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