Mario Tennis Open, smashing online play onto the 3DS court

Nintendo has just announced today that Mario Tennis Open for 3DS will allow for competitive matches online. We can only hope that it’s as good as Mario Kart Wii’s online play. Not content with only offering a bare online mode, Nintendo also announced that players can look forward to trouncing challengers in order to earn “Victory Medals”. A monthly leaderboard will also be available so that everyone can see how they measure up.

A mode called “Ink Showdown” will also be in attendance. In this mode, players will be challenged to destroy ink balls being spit by Piranha Plants while simultaneously hitting tennis balls away from their opponent.

As far as StreetPass features go, players can engage in competitive or cooperative challenges. A StreetPass winning streak can be passed along to others so they can attempt to beat it, adding even more competitive spirit to the mix. Players can also show off their Mii characters and customize them with new outfits and accessories that may improve their on-court performance.

Lastly, as with most great Nintendo sports titles, extra characters can be unlocked. Some will be unlocked through normal play, and others via QR codes. I’m betting you’ll soon be able to find those QR codes on cups at popular fast food chains or on soft drink containers. Nintendo has confirmed that Luma, Baby Mario, and Dry Bowser will be among the unlockable characters.

Mario Tennis Open is scheduled for a May 20th release for Nintendo 3DS. For more information, pictures, and video, head on over to the official site.

Source: Nintendo

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