The Los Angeles Times Third Annual ‘Hero Complex Film Festival’

The Los Angeles Times Third Annual ‘Hero Complex Film Festival’

Dead or Alive 5 Christie and Bayman gameplay, screenshots and posters

Christie and Bayman are the next two fighters to be announced for Dead or Alive 5. With that announcement, Team NINJA has released a bunch of screenshots, poster images and

Avengers end credit scene gets leaked! (HUGE SPOILER)

What? Don’t give me that look. You knew what you were getting into as soon as you clicked on the title. That’s right, as you have read above, the end

MGS3: Snake Eater figures from Hot Toys

Hot Toys has revealed its Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 12-inch figures. It includes Naked Snake, AKA Big Boss, and The Boss. The game has been out for a

Iron Man 3 to be a ‘technological thriller’ with a bunch of Mandarins?

During CinemaCon, director Shane Black talked about what he wants for Iron Man 3 during Disney’s Marvel Studios presentation. So what can we expect from the next Iron Man film?

Madden cover winner announced

  Voting ended today for the player chosen to be on the cover of Madden. From a field of 32 players, one was chosen to grace the cover of Madden

The Avengers poster art with Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man

Check out the latest Mondo posters of The Avengers, each from a different artist. The new ones feature Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. These will go on sale

Pixar announces 3 upcoming movies including a Day of the Dead film

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican holiday that involves families and friends gathering together to pray and remember those with which they’ve lost. The first thing that came to

The Hobbit is looking so detailed it looks fake

When Peter Jackson first premiered footage of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring that featured the fellowship fighting a cave troll, many viewers were ecstatic. Many praised the

Cell Drive: A flash drive that charges your phone

Ever go out somewhere and notice your smartphone is at its last breath, and you really need to make a phone call? Well, worry no more. Thanks to Cell Drive

Konami announces upcoming patches for Silent Hill Downpour and HD Collection

In my previous review of Silent Hill HD Collection, I talked about certain problems the game had, which took away from some of the enjoyment. It wasn’t just myself who experienced this

New Dinobots screenshots from Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Recently, High Moon Studios released a Grimlock gameplay trailer for the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. He’s the leader of the Dinobots and a popular Transformers in the community. Today, we’re

Ray William Johnson nerd rages over Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles

Today, everyone’s favorite trolling YouTuber released a new video. Besides the usual off-the-wall humor and hilarious viral videos, Ray had a very special message for “Ninja Turtles” director Michael Bay…….F#$%

‘New Play Control! Pikmin 2’ coming to North America

Presumably taking advantage of the hype that is sure to start up when Pikmin 3 is shown at E3 for Wii U, it has just been announced by Nintendo Power

Diablo 3’s Witch Doctor trailer – ‘let the killing begin’

Oh, wait, that’s the wrong tribe. Sorry about that, Witch Doctor. Anyway, the Witch Doctor is here, and he’s brought an army of pets. The Gargantuan appears to be his

New Pixar’s Brave trailer

Disney has released the newest trailer for Pixar’s Brave titled Families Legend. We finally get a better understanding of the actual story for Brave, or at least what the plot

Harley Quinn finally gets a Kotobukiya bishoujo statue

Kotobukiya has recently announced that Harley Quinn is joining the DC Bishoujo statue collection, with Batgirl, Catwoman and Poison Ivy already being released. Finally, one of the most popular DC

Catch MLG’s Spring Fighter Arena this weekend

  Major League Gaming is helping to promote the fighting game community as much as they can, and they were off to a great start with the Winter Championships last

Crysis 3 gameplay trailer welcomes you to the jungle

EA and Crytek have released the new gameplay trailer for Crysis 3, and it sure looks pretty. I never really got a chance to play the games, so I can’t

Free Avenger’s Thor figure on Comic Book Day nationwide

Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us. The Avengers film is also almost upon us. What would happen if both these things combined? We’d get a free figurine of