Fans rally to get Toonami back on Cartoon Network for good

If you haven’t been living under a rock, every one of your nerdy friends has told you by now that Toonami returned last night on Cartoon Network. Steve Blum returned

Your information is still in your old Xbox you sold

According to Kotaku, those of you who sold your Xbox to other people, or even to GameStop, may have just sold your information as well. Apparently, even doing a factory

Microsoft, Apple, and Google to join forces in unified mobile OS

The big 3 in mobile OS computing has just announced on this April 1, 2012, that they will be joining forces and creating a unified mobile OS. It is yet

Assassin’s Creed will now be Kinect enabled

After playing Mass Effect 3 on the Kinect, I was ready to play my other favorite video games via the Kinect. Thank the game gods that Ubisoft has listened. Assassin’s

Apple announces all iOS devices will now support Flash

Finally, all you iOS fans can breathe a breath of fresh air. Current Apple CEO Tim Cook, has struck a deal with Adobe that will allow all iOS devices full

Cartoon Network re-airs Toonami as April Fool’s joke

This is probably the best news you’ll hear all day. Last night, Cartoon Network viewers were treated to a very special April Fool’s joke. Cartoon Network’s normal Adult Swim programming