SEGA Toylet: Take a pee, have some fun, play a game

Sega has gone to great lengths in keeping up with trends. Instead of venturing into a console, they have invested in the Toylet, a urinal mounted gaming device.  Basically men (ladies, there isn’t a seated version of the game yet) will be able to use the restroom with a sensor equipped urinal stall that will detect pressure and volume of urine. From there a screen mounted at eye level will convert your juices into an array of games. Some include: Filling Coffee Can, Squirting Milk out of a Tough Guy’s Nose, and my favorite Blowing Wind up a Girl’s Skirt.

Things are shaping up for men in Tokyo. The next time you feel the urge to use the restroom and got the itch to compete in some water sports, find one of these stalls and begin the challenge. Please though, no screen watching until I’m all zipped up.


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