Avengers’ Dark Knight Rises trailer shows the Batwing in action!

The new Dark Knight Rises trailer that is scheduled to be attached to The Avengers has been released. Earlier today, fans around the world scoured the globe looking for clues in order to unlock the new trailer. After many hours of collecting clues for The Dark Knight Rises viral marketing campaign, fans were finally rewarded with what everyone has long been waiting for.

The new trailer gives us a little more info on Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character. He seems to be looking for Batman. My guess is that Bane does in fact break the bat in this film. We also get to see some of the newly cleaned-up dialogue for Bane. Is it just me or was the first line he spoke completely inaudible. Then second line of dialogue he spoke was completely clear. WTF?

Also revealed in the trailer, Catwoman seems to know more than just a little about what Bane is up too. She may also know where they are keeping said broken bat. Could she be part of the League of Shadows? Is Ra’s al ghul alive? Is there really a Lazarus pit? Where can I get a car like that? Why am I asking you all these question?

All this and more will be answered when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th.

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