Jay-Z plans to launch ‘Empire’ Facebook game

Hova himself has done many things in his time; rap legend, media mogul, clothing line, NBA team owner. Now to add to this illustrious career, Jay-Z plans on releasing a social networking game through Facebook called “Empire.” The game is supposed to let players follow the path as Jay-Z did as an up-and-comer from the streets of New York to vast fame and fortune. So far from the looks of it, the game seems like a combination of Mafia Wars and CityVille. After you create a character, you have to start earning points to move up in the world. To do this, you create mix tapes which give you street cred, do rap battles and event visit friends and family members for moral support.

You should be able to find the game here. It is a Free2Play game, so as with any of those, you can spend cash to level yourself up quicker. I think Empire will be a nice detraction from the normal/boring Facebook games out there and I think I might even try it out myself. So kick off that “Hard Knock Life,” get to “The Streets,” get on that “Rap Game” so you could be on the “Paper Chase” screaming out “Money Ain’t a Thang” until you’ve become “Brooklyn’s Finest.” Now you’re in that “Empire State of Mind.” See what I did there? Lol.

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