‘Reset’ joins Dead Island in the trailers-that-wow-people category

In general, I’m not a fan of teaser trailers. They (usually) don’t show any gameplay, and thus may get me interested and invested in something I may not ultimately like. However, this debut teaser trailer for a game called “Reset” has just done what it’s supposed to do: get me interested and invested in the future product that I may not ultimately like. Thanks a lot, Theory Interactive. I just hope they don’t end up shooting themselves in the foot and not living up to expectations.

The video below shows a futuristic city that has decayed, a lone defunct robot in a sitting position. Rain pours, and time lapses rapidly to reveal the subtle movement of the vegetation as a hauntingly sad piano plays. If this were a movie, I would be in the theater watching it right now.

As for the gameplay, players will see the game from a first-person perspective. They will manipulate time and help themselves solve puzzles. Yes, help themselves. I don’t know if players will be taking control of two different characters, or somehow warping back and forth through time to progress, but I suppose all of those questions will have to wait while Theory Interactive develops the game. Check out their blog for more information. So far, Reset is only being developed for PC.

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