Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS review

Pit’s back after a long hiatus as the main character of his own game in Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Nintendo 3DS. Before this, he made another appearance as a playable character in Smash Bros Brawl on the Nintendo Wii.

Pit is now the leader of the Goddess Palutena’s army and once again it’s up to him to take down the army of darkness. Medusa and her army have returned from the dead to try to wreak terror against the humans and the angels. Pit will not only have to take down Medusa again, he will also have to face off against and even team up with Viridi, the goddess of nature, and Hades, the lord of the underworld, in order to stop an alien attack.

Now imagine your favorite bullet hell shoot-em-up game like Radiant Silver gun, Death Smiles and Ikaruga, replace them with Pit, then add an element of hack and slash while making use of the 3DS’ touch screen and 3D.

Pit’s adventures will take place in both the sky and the ground. He’s still not able to fly by himself, but he is given the flight ability with the help of Palutena, who controls his flight pattern while he focuses on dodging and attacking enemies in the air. Pit travels by foot on the ground, taking down enemies and bosses who threaten the innocents and all things good.

It’s like a tradition now with Nintendo characters where they have to face their darker selves. Link has Dark Link, Samus has Dark Samus and now Pit will face off against a dark version of himself known as Dark Pit, or as Pit likes to say, “Pitoo.” Dark Pit was created by Pandora, thanks to Pit being tricked into jumping into the mirror of truth. Dark Pit should have been a servant of evil, but because the mirror cracked, he decides to do whatever he wants. To make things things worse for Pit, Dark Pit has the ability of infinite flight.

Kid Icarus: Uprising features 25 intense chapters of both sky and ground battles, along with a huge arsenal of weapons. You have 9 classes of weapons to choose from, each with literally dozens of weapons you can get in the game. Weapons classes are: blades, staffs, claws, bows, palm weapons, clubs, cannons, oribitars and arm weapons.

Each weapon has different strength and abilities for both close and long-range fights, Pit’s favorite weapon, the Bow, is great for long range and mid range with different ratings for each one. Getting new weapons are as easy as opening chests, purchasing them with hearts, or fusing weapons together to create stronger ones. Collected weapons in game vary, depending on your difficulty settings. You can use the hearts you collected to unlock harder difficulty for stages. This creates higher-powered weapons and more hearts, but enemies will be less forgiving, as the difficulty is ranged from 0.1-10. If you die, your difficulty will lower when you continue the stage.

Normally with any of the 3DS game I’ve played since the system’s release, I’ve found myself sticking with 2D mode, since I never really enjoyed them. The only 2 games I have ever found myself playing the game on and off in 3D are Cave Story 3d and Resident Evil Revelations, and even then I would enjoy the games more in 2D. With Kid Icarus: Uprising, I found myself playing the game in 3D mode the whole time, and I thought that the stand was just a dumb add-on. Boy was I wrong. The stand keeps your 3DS in place, helping you avoid moving the 3DS more than a few inches, which ruins the perfect viewing position you are able to enjoy.

The stages are beautifully designed from both the air and ground that you find yourself enjoying the view more in 3D than in 2D. The soundtrack is good with great dialogue that reminds me of Star Fox. You can also customize your controls to play with the touch screen or control pad, which I didn’t realize until after I had completed the game.

Kid Icarus isn’t done there, the game does have 2 online multiplayer games, which you can play with friends or random people. The first game is a a team vs. mode in which your team aims to defeat each other in a battle of Light vs. Darkness. As time passes one player from each team will transform, and one character from the light side will turn into Pit and one from the Dark team will turn into Dark Pit. Those with the most kills win. The other mode is an all-out battle against everyone with similar rules.

One other thing Nintendo added for Kid Icarus: Uprising was AR cards that have different abilities, which can be used in the game and to create battles between opposing cards. You get one pack included in the game with a set of cards, and Nintendo will be releasing more via events, magazines and so forth, which I imagine hardcore fans will be scrambling to collect more. What’s not fun about watching characters battle it out in augmented 3D reality?

Kid Icarus: Uprising is a definite must buy for the 3DS with loads of content and tough challenges tied together with an online vs. mode. This is a game you can fully enjoy playing in 3D the whole time.

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