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Have you ever taken out your Micro SD card from either your phone or an SD adapter, and bad luck starts to happen? While SD cards are much easier to manage and hold, Micros, on the other hand, are easier to lose and drop. For me, just getting it out of the packaging and case led me to drop it in a puddle on a rainy day for a photo shoot. What didn’t help was it washed away in the puddle for a bit as I went searching for it. Normally that would be the end of this tale……or is it?

In general, prolonged exposure to water means you are screwed, and it’s time to go buy a new one. But then this particular Micro SD card isn’t the same as your average memory stick, this particular version is made by Monster Digital. No, not the job hunting website where you post your resume online (that’s, I am talking about the Monster Cables guy who are now stepping into some new territories.

In my hands is the 8GB Micro SD card Class 4. For photography and video recording, a Class 10 is great for storage, but I have found that even certain Class 10s can give you plenty of problems.

Now there are quite a few reasons this isn’t your average Micro SD card, and some we really had to put to the test. On both the box and website you see this:

8GB MicroSD
With read and write speeds that meet the highly touted Class-4 specifications, your MicroSD enabled device can record over 3,000 photos, 80 minutes of HD



video, and all protected by the Monster standard of durability.



Shock Proof – Designed to meet Military Standards for shock, vibration and impact (MIL-STD-810G).

Magnetic Resistant – Protects to precision watch standards (ISO 764).

Waterproof – 30 minutes at 8 feet (2.5 meters) meeting international standards (IPX8 and JIS 8).

Temperature resistant from -13 to +185 degrees F (-25 to +85C).


  • Shock Proof – Well thanks to the size and design of the Micro SD card it won’t always fall on its side, but in case it does, the Micro SD is built to take a fall. We placed it in a plastic toy capsule and dropped it from the 2nd floor to the ground. There was no damage, even with the bounce to the card. The plastic, however, didn’t survive. The card still worked. Passed
  • Magnetic Resistance – Hmmm, we decided a simple way to do it was to take a small magnet we used to pick up dropped paper clips and run it twice around the card. I lost a good watch, but it still worked. Passed
  • Water Proof – I dropped in a puddle for a few minutes on day one. I then took it with me to go swimming for a few laps and still worked. Passed
  • Temperature resistant – This one was tough. We really didn’t want to try and fry it, but we did put this in the freezer for a good while and no problems. Passed

Overall the Micro SD does everything it promises, and the quality is really good for everyday use and camera use. At $29.95 at for the 8 GB Micro SD, it’s a good price for use with your phones or any other piece of technology requiring it. But if you have an SD slot I would recommend getting the 8GB -16 GB SDHC Class 10 which offers all the same options for the game or a bit more in price, because nowadays 8 GB is great but we always want bigger.

Stay tuned since we filmed a few videos to test out if the abilities of the card with good results. We just don’t want Monster Digital to see it yet, since they might cringe at what we put it through. It took everything we threw it at and more, and it’s still being used in my cell phone today with out any problems.

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