Scream Dragon Shouts at your TV – Bethesda adds 200 Kinect Voice Commands to Skyrim

Bethesda has announced today that in an upcoming free update to Skyrim this month, they will be adding Kinect support with over 200 Voice Commands. Abilities included in this are ordering your followers around, pulling up menus, assigning favorites and of course Dragon Shouts. Now you can scream “Fus Roh Dah!” at your TV with a purpose and not look like a blithering idiot. Okay, so maybe you might still look a bit funny, but at least you can feel more immersed in your story than you were before. And what if your native language is not English you ask? Don’t worry, you should be covered as the Kinect functionality is available in 5 different languages – English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Other cool features are the ability to sort by weight or value and having quick-save and quick-load functions. It seems that the Kinect has really been exceeding expectations and capabilities with all these new integrations. So far, Mass Effect 3 uses the Kinect to voice control squad mates, abilities and dialogue options and the upcoming Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor utilizes a quick gesture system along with the standard controller and Tiger Woods 2012 uses full motion controls. My question is what other games or types of games can the Kinect technology be applied to and integrated in seamlessly? Maybe we’ll have a Kinect-enabled Assassin’s Creed game finally.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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