Capcom wants you to pay $70-80 for Resident Evil 6

It’s very apparent that Capcom is putting a lot of time into Resident Evil 6, especially considering that they may have around 600 people working on the game–that’s quite an army of developers! They’re planning on those fancy $1240 leather jackets to help push them into the black, but they’ve found other ways too.

They’ve just announced on their Unity blog, something that I’m sure most of you don’t want to hear: three different retailers will each be receiving an exclusive map for the Mercenaries mode. Although I’m sure that we will all have the opportunity to download the two that we don’t initially get (at $5-10 a pop), that’s not entirely the problem.

What’s going to happen is that we are all going to have problems starting up and continuing our online play sessions with certain people if they don’t happen to have the maps that we do. I already know this will be a problem because I’ve experienced it with other games in the past. When developers release new maps for multi-player games, what usually ends up happening is that those maps aren’t even used. They can’t be put into rotation because the majority simply don’t have them. If you choose the option to only play with people who have those downloadable maps, you might be in for a much longer wait than you’re willing to put up with.

While I can understand that publishers need to give each retailer something unique so that each one can tout that they have something special to offer their consumers, slicing out entire maps from the game is not the way to go. It’s only going to be a detriment to the experience, obviously something none of us want when we’re spending $60-80 on a game.

If Capcom needs to recoup a lot of money for Resident Evil 6, why not make lots of extra costumes to sell for $1-2, or something? Why not sell whacky weapons that can only be used once the game has been beaten? There’s just got to be a better way. Then again, maybe I’m just thinking about it the wrong way. Maybe this is Capcom’s subtle way of saying that they’ve created a game that’s worth $70-80, but they’re only requiring the hardcore fans to pay that premium price. It’s quite the conundrum. Either way, the co-op section of the game would be negatively affected because of the fact that not everyone will have the same maps.

Anyway, sound off in the comments below if this kind of thing irks or doesn’t irk you.

If you’re interested in choosing which part of your game you would like to not be cut out, check out the info below:

The Catacombs– Available exclusively at Gamestop with pre-order of Resident Evil 6

There are more than just enemies lurking in these catacombs. Be weary of booby traps ready to ensnare you around every corner! Are your reflexes quick enough to avoid them?

High Seas Fortress – Available exclusively at with pre-order of Resident Evil 6

An expansive stage that takes you from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the hangars inside. Engage in intense shoot-outs on the deck, but hone your martial arts skills inside the narrow confines of the hangers.

Rail Yard – Available exclusively at Best Buy with pre-order of Resident Evil 6

A multi-level stage in the steel and concrete confines of a railroad yard. Enemies are lurking everywhere, from inside the trains to the roof of the yard. You’ll have to stay on the move to stay alive!

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  • toll186

    capcom what a bunch of greedy aholes nice way to treat your fans

  • meer

    will then i guess i’ll be getting it for free….on PC that is ūüėČ

  • This is nothing new with Capcom.. they love gouging their fans b/c they know that no matter what, the fans will pay. This haphazard willingness, on the part of these bigger publishers, to hand out pre-release DLC to any retailer caught with its hands held out is a sick business model and it needs to die already. And this is coming from someone who has no interest in the multiplayer aspects of RE6.

    Despite that, this is still a very frustrating trend b/c it’s happened with many other games of which I’m a fan – IE. EA being the most recent example with Mass Effect 3 and their blatant pandering for more money through DLC which should have been included in the final product. But not only that, how if we as fans wanted the complete and definitive ME3 experience, that we had to purchase the game several different times through several different retailers who all got their own “exclusive” digital content.

    Like I said above – it’s a business model that only serves to alienate the fans – so why continue in this manner of business at all? I believe that is a question a majority of us have been asking for a long while now.

  • hazardman89

    This is actually DLC as it was intended to be. A simple bonus for the side game, if you want it. It is not required to enjoy the actual story mode and is therefore optional. Stop this sensationalistic BS and post some real news.

    • Ryan Southard

      ¬†The problem, Miguel, is that they are cutting out pieces of the multiplayer. As explained in the article, it may make it much more difficult for people to play together. Here’s an example:

      ::two people join up and play mercenaries mode::
      ::they’re having fun playing together::

      At this point, one player may get dropped because they don’t have the right map. It could also be that they will be severely limited on which maps they can play on, thus reducing the fun they can have with this particular person.

      Then there’s the issue of matchmaking. How much more difficult will it be to start a match when not everyone has the same maps? Will the 3 maps be underused? I’m sorry if you don’t see it this way, but I see this as being extremely detrimental to the multiplayer experience. For an example of how this might work out in RE6, try downloading some extra optional maps for your favorite multiplayer game. Then see how easy it is to get those maps in rotation. Battlefield and CoD are the only two games that I can think of that have big enough player bases in their multiplayer that it might not be too detrimental.

      • hazardman89

        I can see how it is bad for the multiplayer experience, but it doesn’t¬†necessarily¬†take away from the game as a whole, and is considered “extra”. If people truly want to play on those maps, they will pay. The same goes for COD and Battlefield. ¬†It is not Capcom’s fault that others are not willing to pay extra for the extra content. That has always been true for any DLC and any company selling it.

         If however, this is not truly DLC, but disc locked content, then I can see how it is bad for everybody involved.

        • Ryan Southard

          ” A simple bonus for the side game, if you want it. It is not required to enjoy the actual story mode and is therefore optional.”

          For you, Mercenaries mode is just a little thing on the side, but for me, I’ve poured more hours into RE5’s Mercenary mode than all of the series’ single-player content combined. I enjoy the single-player modes too, but Merc mode for RE4 and 5 kept me coming back repeatedly.

          I understand that Capcom needs to recoup their costs, but I think this is one of the worst ways they could have gone about doing that.

          • hazardman89

            Your personal affinity for a certain mode, unfortunately, does not change the importance of said mode to the overall product. I myself have enjoyed the Mercenaries mode since it’s original introduction in RE3.

            What would you rather they do? Sell extra levels for a side mode, or sell pieces of the actual story? The option you listed in the article, which was additional costumes, while a great idea, would mostly only appeal to the die hards of the series, while map packs can be sold to both hardcore RE fans and new fans wanting to expand their experience.

            Another option still would have been DLC story expansions, but those are usually made separate to the main product, and therefore have their own production costs, making it that much harder for Capcom to make back that money.

            If you compare this with all of the other DLC fiascoes as of late, this is nothing. This article should have been about how they expect you to pay $100+ dollars for Operation Raccoon City, which is actually selling the second half of the game as DLC.

            Again, I will state that if these Items are Disc-Locked as opposed to actual DLC, this is a different matter in which case Capcom is completely in the wrong for not including them with the finished product.

      • Bigevilworldwide

        ¬†And you know for certain that they have been cut from the game correct….You have held the magical non existent disc in your hand and verified that fact……Is it possible yeah, then again is it had to make 1 map for 3 different retailers NO…..This is where the annoying sense of entitlement that gamers seem to have that everything should be free…..It’s mercenaries mode not main game you can love it all you want that doesn’t change the fact that they see it as a SIDE MODE. they don’t really care how much you love the mode they are pushing story. and I hate to break this to you but some retailers actually EXPECT publishers to do things like this for them to really push their games. Occasionally it’s done to keep the stores happy.

    • Ryan Southard

       Even in a game as popular as Uncharted 2, I had severe problems getting to play the extra optional maps that I paid for. How do you expect this to be any different?

      • hazardman89

        It is different simply because the two games (Uncharted 2, RE6) are made by different companies, by different teams, and if I’m not mistaken, different engines, so any problem people have with Uncharted will not transfer over to RE6. That would be like saying that I won’t play another TPS online because Operation Raccoon City’s matchmaking was horrendous.

    • DopeyLoserContent

      You, my retard, nouveau gaymore, are a retard.

      May Necrotizing fasciitis ravage every fibre of your being   =)

  • Jonstark4

    Well the news is up and the gaming market is overall down in a slump with a 25% decrease in March.¬† Also, I don’t even think new generation of consoles will increase sales of games.¬† The major reason is that many people (i.e. the gamers – hard core and casual) are starting to get burnt off from DLC’s and exclusive maps which are obnoxiously priced at the minimum of $10.00 for extended gameplay.

    I absolutely believe that game apps found on phones and tablets will overtake conventional gaming industry in terms of popularity and sales.¬† The number one reason for gaming apps becoming popular is the cheaper price – I can find a complete game app in my Android phone search function for $5.00.¬† You can’t do that with gaming consoles.¬† The only way to get games for cheap is playing either with a computer or with a tablet/phone.

    DLC is killing the gaming and handheld consoles.  And gaming publishers and developers are blind to see it.

  • I_Play_Free

    I choose… PIRACY!



  • This is actually nothing new here in Sweden, games can cost up to 100 bucks.. so yeah, I’m not really that surprised about this.

  • well f*ck you too crapcom!

  • Desdinova

    i dont see what’s wrong with this?
    i already paid $80 for RE 5, pretty much all games i buy are $ 80

  • Arazien

    So in the end, the extra OPTIONAL maps will cost you an extra $10, MAYBE, and that’s bad.

    But when Call of Duty charges $15 dollars for extra maps, that’s fine. Granted, CoD is a more online game than Resident Evil, so paying $15 for four separate map packs is much more necessary than RE6.

    So what it boils down to is people being okay with paying an extra $60 on top of a primarily multiplayer game like CoD, but complain when a primarily single player game may possibly sell multiplayer content for a speculative $10-20.

  • Linden


  • DanBal76

    I’m a huge RE fan, but honestly, i couldn’t care less for Mercenaries. I wan’t the real deal, and that’s, for me, the campaign mode of RE6.

  • Christopher Kelly

    Lol Capcom, Capcom, Capcom you guys are something else.

  • Dfraenzel

    whats the point of compaining about this there is none eather you get the game from one of the 3 locations or just wait as for the online part of it who realy cares dose anyone even remeber that befor all this bs that re was a 1 player game and besides i play re5 still and more people play the story then mercs as fro me had the game reserved when they anouced it cause i want to play it as a fan and you know that if you realy want the maps then you will be able to hell they gave the first raccoon city chapter  to us for free they may do the same with these 3 maps so whats the point of bitching about something that you cant control at all as for me imma get the game for the story not the dlc i could cre less about that cause i want a great story mode that will be worth playing again and again and capcom has never failed there when it comes to the main resident evil story line and hell most people didnt like racoon city cause of all the glitches and bugs but have you frogotten that the main point of a game is to take you on an awsome story that you can play so in this i will say STOP BITCHING eather you will play the game or you wont so why bitch cause in reality no one cares your OPINION is just that and nothing more and if people want to agree with you so be it as for me i will be playing re6 the day it comes out and then some 

    Mr. Death

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