Robert Kirkmans’ Thief of Thieves in development for AMC

It looks like AMC loves Robert Kirkman, because his recent comic, Thief of Thieves, will be turned into a TV series. Thanks to his comic, The Walking Dead, it helped AMC get huge ratings on TV. It would make sense that AMC would want to collaborate with Kirkman on another project.

Thief of Thieves debuted on February 8 from Image Comics and follows master thief Conrad Paulson as he steals from other thieves. It’s kind of like Dexter where he only kills murderers. Robert Kirkman created the story and has a head writer for each arc of the story. For the first arc, Nick Spencer is writing with Shawn Martinbrough drawing.

Robert Kirman will be executive producer along with David Alpert for the TV show. The showrunner will be Chic Eglee (The Shield, Dexter).

Source: AMC

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