Persona 3: FES coming to the PSN as a PS2 Classic

When my 60 gig backwards-compatible PS3 died, I thought that playing my copy of Persona 3: FES with up-scaling would be gone.

Persona 3: FES will be landing on the PS Store Tuesday, April 10th, as a downloadable title (via PS BlogCast), and while the price hasn’t been announced yet, it will probably cost as much as the other current PS2 titles at $9.99.

If you have never played Persona 3: FES, the game was an “director’s cut” + expansion from the original version that had both the original game with updates and bonus material that included an extra chapter that answered some questions that fans had.

Persona 3 follows the story of a town that is affected by mysterious shadow monsters during the “Dark Hour”. The only people who can fight them are people with the potential to awaken the Persona inside themselves to combat the darkness.

Also available is Persona 3 for PSP which allows you to play as both a male or female main character. It incorporated the bonus material from FES except for the extra chapter.

Both games were released by Atlus USA.

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