Fans rally to get Toonami back on Cartoon Network for good

If you haven’t been living under a rock, every one of your nerdy friends has told you by now that Toonami returned last night on Cartoon Network. Steve Blum returned to once again voice TOM, and numerous classic Toonami anime were shown during the Adult Swim block.

While this was a great nostalgic surprise, it left many wondering if this was just for tonight, or would Toonami return next Saturday? Steve Blum released an official statement on his twitter saying that the Cartoon Network block is not back for good, and if fans want it they should do something about it.

“For the record, Wikipedia, I did NOT say it’s here to stay…But I sure hope so. Let ‘em know you want it, people.
Late. End Transmission. XO

Naturally, a huge movement has started to get Toonami back on the air permanently. There is even a petition that has started. You can sign it by visiting the link below, and there is even a fanpage devoted to bringing back Toonami:

Toonami Petition

Bring Back Toonami fanpage

You may be wondering, “Hey, how can I help?” Good question. Obviously, sign the petition and you can even go straight to the source, Cartoon Network. Steve Blum recently posted on his official facebook fanpage about how you can do just that.

“Yo, Toonami Faithful…
Thanks for tuning in. Hope it kicked in some happy memories and kicked off a happy April! As you (hopefully) know, bringing Toonami back isn’t up to me. I’m just a voice guy. Many of you want to know how to make your voices heard. Maybe start here… Go to “programming” then “Toonami”
Love you guys from the bottom of my servos.”

So, get out there and spread the word! Toonami isn’t going to bring itself back. Check out the video below to see the intro from last night’s run of Toonami.

Mike once killed a man with a plastic butter knife. True story. #ViolentGentlemen

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From around the web:
  • http://Website Reboot

    It was nice to see Tom again, and some good quality Animes on TV. Though i was looking forward to seeing “The Room” again this year, Toonami was a good alternative.

  • http://Website wigywac

    i havnt watched adult swim in a long time, but i wanted to see where bleach was so i tuned in, and when i saw tom i was like hêll yea im gonna watch this every week. So im gonna try and help keep toonami, and if all you guyz want to too, help spread word and sign the petition.

    • http://Website Kyle

      If you are going to fill out that petition, I’d HIGHLY recommend doing what Steve Blum said to do. Go through the OFFICIAL channel to get your voices heard and give cartoon network your feedback…they likely don’t read, care, or know about those petitions. Why not send in your opinions directly to them instead of through some middlemen? But if you do both the petition and leave your comments with Cartoon Network as well, I see no problem with that. Let’s bring back Toonami everyone!

      • http://h John Smith

        PLEASE DO THE PETITION ! , its all that needs to be said ,if you care for the cause , please sign , thank you

  • http://Website Tris

    I missed it, was still up to. Darn it!!!

  • Aeikozz

    You know like when a loved one dies and you wish forever just to have one night with them once again? this was that night T_T and i missed it.. /cry /AN HERO

  • http://Website Perry

    I submitted feedback to CN. I hope many others will too.

    Bring back Tom and Toonami<3

  • http://Website chris jean

    cn toonami is one of the best thing that ever happened to your program line up i no the whole animation world and all the people that watch anime needs this to be back for good i dont know why it was removed from your line up but please bring it back

  • http://Website GrimDaPro

    Bring It BAAAACK!!!! I miss this soo much… Especially the game reviews and hearing Tom’s voice once a week. v.v

    • Radfordra

      Once a week? How old are you? It used to be on six days a week. Don’t do that Saturday only crap again.

  • http://Website Den

    Bring back toonami

  • Quinn Stevens


  • http://Website Brian White

    Toonami is back! ^_^ Now that’s a hell yeah!!!!!!

  • http://Website Kayla Bell

    After seeing Dragon Ball Z i fell alseep & missed my only chance 2 see all the throwback anime cartoons :’/

  • Dusty Rush


  • http://Website Giga Tech Cop 911

    every survey and chance i get i vote for toonami so sooner or later they’ll have to bring it back

  • http://Website Dylan Owens

    NO MORE! We have put up with Cartoon Network’s crappy prgramming for too long!

    It has been over two and a half years since Toonami was cancelled and things have only gone downhill since then. No more, I say!

    Toonami had some of the greatest programming ever, even towards the end of it’s run it was still the best CN had!


  • http://Website Mat-D-M

    Where do i go to sighn the proteion?? And hell ya i rember the old days please help brig it back pernatkey:)

  • http://Website AstralWind

    To see Toonami again would be a dream come true. I request this of all Toonami fans. Please, try your utmost to spread the word and tell Cartoon Network that you want Toonami back. We have to try our hardest to get it back permanently.

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  • http://Website MCDanceKnight

    Toonami faithful “Want it back? Let us know. #BringBackToonami” from @adultswim on Twitter. They wanna know it, we can do it. Send this trend to U.S. ,then the globe.

  • http://Website ToonamiFAN

    Spread the word lets make this happen sign sign sign sign until
    You can’t sign anymore it’s a movement

    Spread the word start a movement

  • Chance567

    People who have twitter and are following adult swim, the they just posted a hash tag to bring back toonami, GO VOICE YOUR OPINIONS NOE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

  • http://Website Poddy

    F**K Toonami. I wanted to see The Room. I hope Toonami dies for good.

    • http://Website Reboot

      lol, yeah, i tuned in to see the room too, but it was cool to see toonami.

  • http://Website JakatoX

    Yeah the link to that is!/adultswim

    Check out what other people have to say about it! Heck I told some people to make Twitter Accounts to spread the word, and they agreed to do it because Toonami is Awesome!

  • http://Website KISStheRINGS

    Definately go to the source.
    Ive done both the survey and the send in. I recommend doing that just in case.
    Let’s win back our childhood people!!!!!

  • http://Website KISStheRINGS

    Let’s get Steve his job back.

  • frank

    god if only toonami was back every one would watch and cartoonnetwork get big money from views in return man what wrong do people know how to make money now ?

  • http://Website josh

    come bak toonami we need you we know wat happend but anime needs 2 come bak in ths time bleach is cool and all but we need mor………….MORE AND ALOT MORE ANIME

  • http://Website Kat

    Toonami was the greatest ever! Bring it back!

  • http://Website anonymous

    The room was made by some fucking dick head who thought it be cool to waste someones fucking time with a bull shit poor drama

  • Lexdohc

    toonami was great, but think about this…its now 2012, and we all have grown up and have ways of watching our anime 24/7 now, plus lets face it, it would be ruined by something in one way shape or form so enjoy what you had dont try to bring it back it will only be ruined by the michael bays of cartoon network im sure

    • Logic

      Yeah. It’s almost my senior graduation and my only cares in the world aren’t those late night cartoons, er anime, that I can chain watch entire series of on the internet.Though if they use this to get One Piece dubbed it’d be great :D

  • Mystery Writer Guy

     Let the past die already. What’s the point of putting back Toonami if they already show anime? Sure this would be a chance for them to show action cartoons from other countries as well but who cares?

  • Sarahfrose

    Oh I hope they bring it back even if its only on weekends

  • George

    TOONAMI IS BACK! May 26 2012, it’s back, thanks to the twitter campaigns from the Toonami Faithful, spread the news.

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