Fans rally to get Toonami back on Cartoon Network for good

If you haven’t been living under a rock, every one of your nerdy friends has told you by now that Toonami returned last night on Cartoon Network. Steve Blum returned to once again voice TOM, and numerous classic Toonami anime were shown during the Adult Swim block.

While this was a great nostalgic surprise, it left many wondering if this was just for tonight, or would Toonami return next Saturday? Steve Blum released an official statement on his twitter saying that the Cartoon Network block is not back for good, and if fans want it they should do something about it.

“For the record, Wikipedia, I did NOT say it’s here to stay…But I sure hope so. Let ‘em know you want it, people.
Late. End Transmission. XO

Naturally, a huge movement has started to get Toonami back on the air permanently. There is even a petition that has started. You can sign it by visiting the link below, and there is even a fanpage devoted to bringing back Toonami:

Toonami Petition

Bring Back Toonami fanpage

You may be wondering, “Hey, how can I help?” Good question. Obviously, sign the petition and you can even go straight to the source, Cartoon Network. Steve Blum recently posted on his official facebook fanpage about how you can do just that.

“Yo, Toonami Faithful…
Thanks for tuning in. Hope it kicked in some happy memories and kicked off a happy April! As you (hopefully) know, bringing Toonami back isn’t up to me. I’m just a voice guy. Many of you want to know how to make your voices heard. Maybe start here… Go to “programming” then “Toonami”
Love you guys from the bottom of my servos.”

So, get out there and spread the word! Toonami isn’t going to bring itself back. Check out the video below to see the intro from last night’s run of Toonami.

Facebook Comments

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