Say hello to The Siren, the fourth ‘heavy hitter’ – Bioshock Inifite

Get your first peek at one of the “heavy hitters” of Bioshock Infinite, the Siren. She’s a ghostly enemy who can bring life to the dead. Ken Levine talks about her in this latest promotional video for the game, and he says that players will have to decide whether they want to shoot the Siren or the other enemies who are shooting at you. Hopefully they’ll make the choice more difficult in the game, because right now my sights are squarely aiming at her.

You can check out the Motorized Patriot, the creepy Boys of Silence, and The Handyman, the three other heavy hitters.

Bioshock Infinite is slated for an October 16th release in the US, and October 19th in the UK on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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