Project Detroit is a geek’s dream car come to life

Ever wonder what it would be like if Microsoft decided to get into the car business? Well you don’t have to continue imagining the possibilities, as MS’s Channel 9 team has been hard at work with West Coast Customs to build a very special Ford Mustang. By the way, this isn’t just any ordinary Mustang; it’s a 2012 model that has been retrofitted into a 1967 fastback replica and is stuffed to the brim with the newest technology. Well, this is what technology MS decided to utilize: Windows 8, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Xbox 360, Kinect and Bing. Check out the specs, photos and video below.

That was just the technology used. The features are where it’s at:

Heads Up Display – A windshield heads up display that can display information like Bing Maps, also the passenger can play Xbox on their side of the windshield.

External Audio System – You can speak through your phone like a megaphone and have whatever you say played on the vehicle’s external speakers. You can also customize your car horn to special “horntones.”

Digital Instrument Panel – There is a Windows 8-powered touchscreen instrument panel that can be changed to 3 different layouts: Classic 1967, new 2012 Mustang and Windows 8 Metro style.

Customizable Rear Windscreen – The rear windshield can be used to display images, custom messages and even play video, all while driving.

Entertainment System – There is a built-in Xbox 360 and Kinect, with which the Kinect sensors are mounted behind the grill and rear taillights. Also while the car is parked, the rear windshield can be utilized as a projector for playing movies and/or video games from outside the car.

Windows Phone App – There is an app that you can get for your Windows Phone that will allow you to locate, unlock and even start your car.

WiFi – The car comes specially built with its own multiuser 4G network.

The finished car will be revealed Sunday night @ 9pm on Discovery’s Velocity Network.

Source: PCMag

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