First footage of The Walking Dead video game series by Telltale Games

Developing a game based on the very popular The Walking Dead television series, Telltale Games is bound to garner some attention here. They’ve opted for a comic book-esque aesthetic for the game, which looks to be one of their graphically best thus far. The in-game models appear to be polygonal but with simplified textures and thick, black outlines. There’s a reason for all of this: the game will be based on the comic books rather than the television series. All of the characters are new, but some of the original comic characters may be seen at some point.

The writer of the TV series, Gary Whitta, is the story consultant for the video game series, which is scheduled to come in five separate parts. You can expect episode one to be released sometime in April 2012 for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. For more information, visit the official site.

Skip to 8:53 for the footage:

Via: Joystiq
Source: Youtube

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