Nostalgia and a new handheld puts Ryu Hayabusa back in Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Ryu Hayabusa has slayed a lot of demons and rival ninjas in his lifetime, but with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, his adventure is portable. This is the fourth Ninja Gaiden game that Team Ninja has worked on ever since the 2004 reboot on Xbox. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus came out just a week after the launch of the PS Vita.

The story begins as Ryu is training, when suddenly his village is attacked by fiends and rival ninjas. The village is nearly decimated, with the legendary sword being taken and Ryu defeated in battle. His job now is to try to get the sword back, and he won’t be alone. Ayane, a female kunoichi, is ordered to help Ryu, but it seems like she has another agenda. Rachel, a fiend hunter, also comes into the mix.

Just like a mini-game this one requires touching it in sequence

So what’s new with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus on the PS Vita? It makes use of the front screen to aim and shoot weapons. The back screen allows you to power up ninja arts in creative ways. While I enjoyed the super mini game to power up the ninja arts, I didn’t completely understand it (yes, I read the scrolls) until I ended up experimenting it myself. The different spells require you to do different things with the PS Vita, like pressing the back touch screen in order or all at once. The part I disliked more than anything in the game was the sub weapon use. By touching the front screen, you “have control” of the sub-weapons trajectory, which I preferred doing manually, since it was easier. This is especially true with the limited arsenal.

If you played Sigma, all of the extras made its way into the portable port including Rachel’s chapters, extra costumes and mission modes. This is nothing too special if you played the original.

For first timers this game is extremely fun. If the last game you played was Ninja Gaiden or Ninja Gaiden Black for Xbox, there is some nice extra content in the game for you. If you played Sigma, the only difference is the touch screen use.

So overall after the 4th time playing for me the game on normal and hard was a breeze since nothing changed, Very Hard and Master Ninja mode give you the hardest challenge of any game so make sure you are well prepared for the challenge of hell that awaits you. If this is your first chance to play Ninja Gaiden it’s not a game you should miss.

Grade: B

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