Mad about the ending to Mass Effect 3? BioWare director isn’t sorry

Were you disappointed with the ending of Mass Effect 3? That’s too bad, because BioWare director Casey Hudson wanted it to be unforgettable.

“I didn’t want the game to be forgettable, and even right down to the sort of polarizing reaction that the ends have had with people–debating what the endings mean and what’s going to happen next, and what situation are the characters left in. That to me is part of what’s exciting about this story. There has always been a little bit of mystery there and a little bit of interpretation, and it’s a story that people can talk about after the fact.”

And when asked about whether BioWare listens to the fans, here’s what he had to say:

“Oh, we pay very close attention to it. It’s very important to us and we will always listen to feedback, interpret it and try and do the right thing by our fans.”

Source: Digital Trends

John “Spartan” Nguyen

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  • http://Website justin

    FU Casey Hudson. You got your wish…I can’t get this atrocity out of my head. It is an absolutely fabulous game with an unacceptably nonsensical ending. You couldn’t at least TRY to make up something that fit into the established Mass Effect universe? Please explain the random cutscene ending to me. I am not dumb, and can use my imagination to come up with many different scenarios, but I am curious to know the writer/producer’s comments on how this ‘fits’ the developing story so far.
    And as for “wait and see”…you can blow that out your “emergency exhaust port”!

    • http://Website Kiljoy616

      Cut scene are easy to explain.

      Lets see after Joker drops Shepard EDI tell him that she has used… and has created Star Trek transport system by watching show. Then Joker figuring he is never going to get laid and need some really bad (fill in what ever joker needs) so he orders EDI to transport (fill in whom ever end up in FUP cut scene.) Then he takes off with his (male, female, bisexual) crew members and as far away from earth as he can. Shepard fist the little kid with is (Renegade for me) and after a time EDI tells him big ass wave coming to get us. See no problem with that useless piece of turd. End of cut scene, now for the even more diarrhea based ending.

      Second one is old ass Joker walking with one of his many fisted children or grand children in the snow because who F cares talking about the Shepard and how he helped him get finally laid with (put ending characters here)

      Need to have DLC of lots of sex scenes with Joker and his limp leg (other body parts can be inserted).

      Your welcome.

  • http://Website justin

    Why would Casey Hudson release a comment that (to me) sounds so cold and unforgiving towards his customers? I think everyone at Bioware and EA both have been indoctrinated!

    • http://Website Kiljoy616

      EA are the Reapers, Casey is little God F AI mentally retarded kids asking “Why are you here” WTF you just brought me up in your teleport thingy.

      Bioware is the Illusive Man and his ranting at the end.

      Positive poster and paid PR for all we know are the indoctrinated Cerberus lackey or cannon fodder. Or maybe they are the Collectors

      Me and the rest of the pissed off buyers of this mess are the humans been converted (fisted) people been turned into husks.

  • http://Website squeezoid

    asshole…. every day i hate more and more Bioware and AE, i dont give a shit about what he want, i know what i want and the fact that im the one paying, aslkdjasñoidmsoamdih -_-”

  • ALWAYSadefenderattorneypublicly1

    im gonna f)cking nuke this developer, the people of bioware not only have MARKED that DLC is corrupt, but they NAILED it into the railroad of infamy, who else wants to nuke bioware? they are a bunch of moneygrubbers, and what did they make? a 30 second random ending you had to buy, they are all a bunch of pick pocketing, sopa, pipa, acta supporting, cheesy greasy greedy, pig lobbing, anti fan and customer service bunch of ASSHOLES, and if you are a worker and a developer of bioware playing the game right now, if one of those lucky people are watching: YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THE F@G’S (fedreation of Asshole gamers), bioware the trolls, how much money went into this ending? T DOESNT MATTER, they made so much more money from pick pocketing people from DLC purchases they could barely give less a damn about the ending due to all the money they had, they could give less a damn about the animating, just like WMG gives less a damn for anyone on youtube. on estmate i’d say that ending was just 300 bucks spent, BUT THEIR TOTAL INCOME FROM DLC GAMERS POCKETS WOULD BE, well over 25 trillion grand maybe.

    THIS SHOWS DLC CAN BE COORRUPT, a scandal, and scam all at the same time!

  • ALWAYSadefenderattorneypublicly1

    a way to never buy the DLC: dont get stck in campaighn situations that stick you in progress forever similliar to the good dayys of the 2 actually good versions of COD, dont beat the final boss, JUST FARM AND GRIND FOREVER! avoid the ending, and boycott the ending, win win….

  • http://Website Jack

    Quite forgettable ending … unforgivable direction.

  • http://Website btorville

    Well for it was completely forgettable because all the choices essentially gave the same conclusions. If they’re happy with it, fine. I’m not. And neither are a lot of other paying customers.

    But, of course, we don’t seem to matter one damn bit. First Dragon Age 2 was an ungodly mess and now Mass Effect 3 is a joke. No more Bioware for me.

    Now does that make you happy? Because it makes me giddy with excitement.

  • http://Website btorville

    Well they didn’t make a dime from me on the DLC. I didn’t buy it. Still played it though. See what I did there Bioware? Awwwww! Go ahead and release some more DLCs.

    • http://Website Kiljoy616


  • http://Website Kiljoy616

    Why would this F be sorry he made his money on hype so what is he to be sorry about. FU dude not like it matter now, and shove your DLC up your port hole.

  • Kascha K.

    Claiming that customers who purchased what was supposed to be a standalone single player game would not be locked out of content if they didn’t join your multiplayer brood is called fraud Casey. Not mystery. There’s nothing whatsoever mysterious and exciting about a bait and switch.

    Truth isn’t easy (evidently) but somebody’s gotta do it. Sorry.

  • an ass

    Dear sir, you are no better than a nigger.

  • HerpDerp

    Dont buy a used game, then complain about not having multiplayer. It IS an EA game afterall, you should have obviously saw it coming. And the ending was completely fine, stop crying about it being a “bad’ ending. Just because Shepard bit the dust, doesnt mean we all care about your opinions. It was a great ending to a phenominal series, stop crying about it.

  • Disappointed

    I will say there’s ONE thing about this game that will be unforgettable… The sorry ending! “Oh Mass Effect 3’s ending was genius and artistic and anybody whining about the ending is so stupid. It’s perfect!” Well let’s just be honest here… First Bioware flat out LIED about there being numerous endings, then they gave us ONE ending!!! “No we get to pick from the rainbow!!!” True… but it ALL leads to one ultimate ending which is complete crap. Congrats Bioware you’ve officially lost all credibility in my book

  • RobertCrawley

    I would put my foot in his ass but his heads in the way.Hows sales doing doing Kido ?Did you our get the message yet?I’m sure your share holders are going to call you on the carpet real soon.DS

  • Foto Grafia

    wasn’t disappointed with the ending

    Mario and Link (zelda) games had disappointing endings
    the hell with a princess that keeps getting herself in trouble after being saved

    again and again
    that’s ridiculous multiple times over the ME3 ending

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