Guild Wars 2 collector’s edition breaks your piggy bank

NCsoft recently allowed the public to show their interest in Guild Wars 2, and with one million players jumping at the chance to play the beta, I don’t think they were disappointed. The game is looking great, and the collector’s edition seems to indicate that 150 of your dollars are going to be accidentally leaping out of your bank account–don’t worry, it’s a perfectly normal occurrence. That $150 will net you what you see below: a custom art frame with an art portfolio containing five art prints, a 10-inch figurine of Rytlock, a 112-page making-of hardback book, a metal collector’s tin, and a best-of soundtrack.

Both the collector’s edition and the digital deluxe ($69.99) version receive some in-game items as well: a mistfire wolf elite skill (summon), Rytlock miniature, a golem banker (allows access to account management from anywhere in the world for five days, Chalice of Glory (unlock pvp rewards and compare your progress to other players), Tome of Influence (a one-time influence boost that’s helpful for unlocking guild vaults, emblems, and other things for your guild).

So, you can shell out some extra cash for those goodies, or you can pay $49.99 for what seems to be the next big thing in online rpg gaming. Pre-orders start April 10th, but we have yet to hear of a specific release date.

Source: NC Soft
Via: VG247

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