Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks!!! PS Vita Review

A mysterious lab houses a large amount of small alien blobs. They are locked up and used for experiments, making our main blob the least happiest blob on Earth. Thanks to some luck and slick skills (pun!), the blob is able to escape right before another experiment and frees all the other blobs from captivity and finally gets away by jumping into a college student’s backpack towards freedom.

Title: Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks!!!
Platform: PlayStation Vita Store Downloadable Game
Release Date: Available Now
Price: $7.99

Developed by Drinkbox Studios, Mutant Blob Attacks!!! stars the mutant blobs as they try to absorb and devour items and grow larger. The game has 6 worlds and 24 stages that include the Earth and outer space. It creates for a fun but short game which can be beaten relatively quick. But even if you beat the game, the challenge still remains with online leaderboards, plus each stage 2 of the blob’s friends are waiting for you to find them.

Drinkbox makes sure utilizes everything the Vita has to offer. Rolling around and jumping is done with the control pad and the X button. Magnetism is a nice skill, allowing you to stick and repel against certain objects with the trigger buttons.

Touch screen is where the game gets tricky. In later levels you will need to control the blob and certain blocks to create paths. You’ll also need to find a way to get through some tough puzzles, a few requiring you to move your blob as you maneuver the touch screen.

The game also uses the motion controls to play. Certain bonus stages change how you play the game, as you would be moving your PS Vita around to pass through some fun and annoying puzzles to reach the end. And while some mini games can be fun if you plan on completing the game with 100%, prepare to get frustrated a few times. It’s pretty creative and similar to a toy you would play when you were a kid (or now).

remember playing this when you were a kid?

In Katamari, you rolled together random trash and items to help create a world, in Mutant Blobs Attacks you eat/absorb everything in your path until you grow, but can the Earth and space be able to handle the growing blob?

Grade: B+
Short but sweet, it’s a great game for the price, and it’s also one of the first Vita Downloadable titles.

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