The iPad 3 is upon us

Apple just recently sent out invitations for a media event to be held in San Francisco next Wednesday March 7. Apple PR has not verified that they will be unveiling the iPad 3, but all sources point to yes. About this same time last year Apple held a media event on Feb 23, 2011 to announce a March 2, 2011 release for iPad 2. We also see many other clues to tell us that iPad 3 is upon us.

For one, retailers such as Best Buy slashed the prices last weekend on the iPad 2, with the WiFi only version now at $449.99. Also, the email sent out to the media included an iPad GUI with the message:

“We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

The expected upgrades we should see on the iPad 3 would be a quad core processor, higher resolution LCD, and LTE network connectivity. Some of the rumors floating around include a retina scanner and ditching a physical Home key. May the lines outside the Apple Stores commence!



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