PS Vita sales are good, but still no match for 3DS

Sony has just released the global sales numbers for the their new handheld, the PS Vita. They are reporting that the PS Vita has sold 1.2 million units globally since its launch. In early January, Sony reported that they originally sold only 500,000 units when the handheld was only available in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Sony also reports that they have sold 2 million software units and they are expecting to have 70 new titles on the way. While Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai is extremely pleased with the launch for the PS Vita, the Vita’s sales numbers pale in comparison to its arch-rival, the Nintendo 3DS.

As of December 30, 2011, Nintendo has reported that they have sold 16 million units worldwide. During the first weekend of its launch, the 3DS sold 374,764 units in Japan. During the first week of its release in the US, 440,000 units were sold and in the first 2-days of its release in Europe, 3DS sold 303,000 units. By March 31st, Nintendo reported that they had sold a whopping 3.6 million units worldwide.

These numbers come after months since the Nintendo 3DS was released on February 26, 2011. While the PS Vita has been available since December 31st of last year in Japan, only earlier this month, the First Edition Bundle was released in the US on February 15th. While Sony claims their sales numbers are currently strong in the US and Europe, sales dropped 78% in the 2nd week following PS Vita’s launch in Japan. Falling from 325,000 units to 74,000 units, sales continued to fall in the following weeks.

With the current 3DS price drop and the increase in popularity mobile games on smartphones and tablets, one must ask, “Is the PS Vita just too little too late?” Only time will tell in the upcoming months, when more sales numbers are released on the PS Vita.

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  • I own both a 3DS and Vita and both are top notch handhelds. 3DS deserves it’s sales as I currently enjoy it’s library over Vita at the moment and that probably won’t change in the near future. 16 million is nothing to scoff at…pretty amazing.

  • I wonder how many people traded their 3DS in for a Vita – I did.

  • I sold my 3ds for a Vita. Best decision ever. Nintendo, you can keep adding gimmicks like “3d” and do a half-ass job with the hardware (circle pad pro), but its not going to last very long. Take a cue from sony when making hardware. vita is amazing and I could care less about sales figures

  • PS Vita is so much fail

  • I think the vita will go the way of the psp..won’t completely fail, but won’t be a huge success. 3ds will be the dominant handheld. If Nintendo has learned any thing in 20+ yrs its how to do handhelds.

  • I just sold my ps vita and got another nintendo 3ds twice the fun. best decision ever.

  • Nintendo offers backward compatibility unlike Sony overpricing strategy. 3ds is more fun.. specially the battling of 2 AR Cards in Kid Icarus!!

  • i just sold my ps vita as well and bought more games for it and enjoying the 3d gimmicks. Nintendo has done a great job with the 3ds including the circle pad pro. Sony needs to take a lesson from Nintendo in making great hardware. i don’t care about sales figures either but damn, Nintendo is whoopin dat ***!!!!!

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