WWE RAW: John Cena calls out The Rock’s Wrist Notes

Tonight Portland, Oregon, was electrified when “The Great One” returned to the squared circle on Monday Night RAW. This would be the first of many scheduled appearances by The Rock leading up to his big match at Wrestlemania. With all eyes on John Cena and The Rock, the world was on the edge of its seat.

The Rock came down to the ring towards the end of the show and naturally, he began running John Cena down. In typical Rock fashion, “The People’s Champ” came out with some new catchphrases, and of course, they went trending worldwide on Twitter, but John Cena would not take the verbal beating laying down. The former WWE Champion walked to the ring and applauded The Rock for his cunning verbal attacks but not before laying a verbal smackdown of his own.

I don’t need words like “Respect” and “Loyalty” to trend worldwide, just like I don’t need notes from my promo on my wrist. Nice tattoo.

The Great One, using wrist notes during a promo like some kind of rookie? Say it isn’t so. After that bombshell, John Cena left the ring and The Rock seemed to be visibly shaken. Did John Cena just get up one on The Rock?

On WWE’s official Facebook page, the WWE had posted a poll asking fans who had won the war of words tonight. Fans voted John Cena: 4,319, The Rock: 2,516. The people have spoken!

Yeah, that's right. I voted for John Cena.

Quite a fiery start for the Road to Wrestlemania. This look like thing are really gonna heat up in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.

You can check the promo from RAW in the video below. The quality is not that great, but it is better than nothing.

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