Michael Bay isn’t the first to put balls on Transformers

We all saw that scene in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with Devastator climbing up the pyramid showing off his shiny metal testicles. After seeing that, I immediately wanted to throw up. Devastator, my favorite combiner Transformers, was nothing more of a joke. It’s sad to say that Michael Bay wasn’t the first to come up with the idea of genitals on Transformers.

Playskool’s My First Transformers, a young kids’ toy line from 1986, had testicles on Transformers before Bay ever knew what a Transformer was. Racer-Kun is his name, and he has sagging balls. What’s even creepier is the fact that the driver’s head, when not pushed inside, looks like he’s giving birth.

Source: Seibertron via Topless Robot

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