The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official World Interactive Map now on iOS

We told you about the Dragon Shout App back in November. It’s a free app that allows you to make annotations on a giant map of Skyrim. However, there is now an official interactive map from Random House Digital that has the basic features of the Dragon Shout App, and so much more. Here are the key purported features:

  • Official world map of Skyrim and all 9 hold capital cities for free
  • In-app purchases of over 160 interior maps, over 350 primary locations, 200 secondary locations and over 1,000 points of interest
  • Toggle points of interest on or off and zoom in on the map as far as 3200%
  • Add your own custom points of interest by dropping a pin anywhere on the map
  • Fully integrated search function
  • Screenshots of all 9 hold capital cities as well as primary and secondary locations
  • Easily keep track of what you’ve discovered along the way

So, basically, it’s a much more detailed map that allows you to zoom in on it and make annotations. If somehow you’re just tired of randomly searching for things, you can purchase in-app details regarding certain locations. All of the purchases appear to be $1 each, though we aren’t certain that that is the upper threshold of payment to the Skyrim map gods. It’s free, so, well, why not give it a try?

You can get the Official World Interactive Map here. You’ll need an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with iOS 4.2 or later.

Via: Joystiq

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