‘I Am Legend 2’ – Alternate ending, Will Smith, & script

More news trickled in over the weekend about the status of a possible I Am Legend 2 sequel, maybe prequel, or whatever’quel Warner Studios decide on making for this sure to be talked about project. Arash Amel, who I couldn’t find much information on my over-relied IMDb account, has been hired to write the script for the next horror-thriller. Will Smith is on board, currently as a producer to overlook production. This leaves the itching question: Will Will Smith be in the next film?

I enjoyed I Am Legend and own it on DVD, which by the way features an alternate ending of Will Smiths character, Robert Neville, surviving the final scenes of the attacking infected horde. I preferred the alternate ending more than the theatrical ending and actually hope Will Smith is somehow written-in the encore project. Akiva Goldsman who had a huge hand in the screenplay of the first film is back again.

Things are shaping up for a great new I Am Legend film. Check out that alternate ending bellow.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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