Nintendo Wii users can now use Hulu Plus

Nintendo has joined Microsoft and Sony in offering Hulu Plus to gamers today. Nintendo is late in the game but it’s okay, since the Wii has more owners than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Now Wii owners can watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Something about using the Wii for Hulu feels a bit off for me, since the reason for having a Wii is to flail your arms around like a mad man. But I guess if the Wii is the only system you have that will give you access to Hulu Plus, then be my guest.

To get Hulu Plus, you must be a subscriber and pay $7.99 a month. Go to the Wii Shop Channel and look for the Hulu Plus app. For the first month of launch, Wii owners with broadband can get a two-week free trial if they aren’t currently a Hulu Plus subscriber.

The Nintendo 3DS will also be getting Hulu Plus later this year.

Source: Nintendo

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