Find the weather balloon, play Mass Effect 3 early

There are always plenty of fans who want to play their games early, and this time it’s being supported by EA and Bioware themselves. Apparently, EA’s crazy marketing ploys are in full blast again, because they’ve attached six copies of Mass Effect 3 to weather balloons. Yes, weather balloons. I imagine the picture above is what the aftermath of a found weather balloon will look like.

Now Shepard's really in space.

The balloons will be taking off from San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Paris, Las Vegas and London. There’s an Xbox 360 copy shown in the picture, but there’s no word on whether or not there are any PS3 copies floating around. So, how are the fans going to be able to find these weather balloons anyway? Well, GPS helps. In fact, at some point, you’ll be able to go to the official Mass Effect site and track them down. Invest in some Mountain Dew and Cheetos, it’s road trip time.

Okay, EA, mission accomplished, we’re talking about Mass Effect 3 again, not that we ever stopped.

Mass Effect 3 will be releasing on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on March 6th in North America, and March 9th in Europe.

Source: USA Today
Via: Joystiq

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