XBOX Live threat backed up

Many of us here have been threatened online while playing video games before. Most of them are usually by our friends whose asses you’re kicking or just some random loser you pwned. But we never took it seriously, though that may change now. According to Lewisville CBS, a player was chatting online with friends when an unknown user came and threatened him by hacking his information and sending SWAT to his house. Like I said before, these things happen all the time, and we get used to it and learn to ignore them. But this one stuck to his threat and called it in.

After 20 minutes the Lewisville SWAT received a call from AT&T Instant Message Relay Service. This service allows hearing impaired users to reach someone with a standard phone. The message received by the operator was that a person was shot and there was someone still in the house. The first few officers to arrive saw no signs of shooting at the home. The parents were the first to see the the SWAT team outside the house with a bullhorn calling his name. The family started to go outside the house to see what was going on, but when they decided to return into the house, they feared for the worst.

Once back inside the house the mother called 911 telling the operator of the situation. The operator connected her to the person in charge and was able to convince the family to come out. Once everything was cleared up the police investigated the incident as a false report/alarm. They are currently trying to get a subpoena to get the information of the person who called in the report.

Source: CBS


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  • bobbi

    well I have gotten death threats from eleven old in MW3, CRAZY !
    Some players take games too seriously 😀
    anyway, my friend just also told me about site , got free xbox live on second try, worked !

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  • Z3RO 37

    Parents really, really need to monitor their children’s online activity more. I’m disgusted every time I hear a story like this because it can almost always be traced back to negligent parenting.

    • Sabin Snake

      parents don’t need to monitor their kids, they need to take the games away from them or stop buying rated MA games for them completely. I dunno about you, but I HATE playing with trash talkers and being cussed at for no reason while playing a game (most of them are 8 – 15+ year olds). they ruin the game experience for the people (like me) who are trying to enjoy playing the game most of the time. it’s pathetic that I and other gamers have to put up with it all. I could put them on mute, but that doesn’t do anything about getting them off the game, they can just have their friends send me negative feedbacks or text me insulting messages (which has happened a lot). I shouldn’t have to mute them at all. I pay for XBL to have fun playing games online, not to be insulted by a bunch of white trash 8 – 15 year old children who think it’s ok to be irrational to other people whenever they feel like it. Stores need to make a new policy against parents who buy video games for their children that they aren’t even suppose play at all. especially if the game is rated MA and the child is 8 – 15 years old. it should be illegal. 

      >XBOX Live threat backed up<

      THIS is a PERFECT example why parents shouldn't buy their kids games like MW2 and 3, Gears of War, Halo and other games with multiplayer in them, so that somthing like this would not of happened and plus these games are rated MA. the kids don't even belong playing them.     

      • mastaN64

        Your telling me. I came home from church one time and played Call of Duty. I wanted 3 sentences without people cursing at me on PSN. I payed $60 to be cussed at? Is this what society’s come to? Parents need to talk to their children.

        • Sabin Snake

          how many kids actually listen to their parents nowadays? or how many parents actually take the time to talk to their kids about this stuff? no, the only effective solution to the problem, is for parents to stop buying their kids these games, till they are fit to play the games by ESRB standards. obviously these kids are taking these games way too seriously and shouldn’t be playing them in the first place, for a good reason.

          • Matthew Noll

            I myself am 14, and i don’t play Xbox mainly for that reason its incredibly annoying when you enter a game and the first thing you hear is a little kid yelling at the top of his lungs. That is why i prefer PC and the Steam community. Also my parents have never bought a game for me in my life, except maybe for a birthday gift.

          • TheMachine

            And how do you afford those games? Allowance? Which, in turn, your parents buy for you.

          • TheTruth

            I have read all your comments, and one can only conclude you are not the brightest bulb on the tree…

          • Daniel Stampe

            And that’s why we have the option to mute everyone. Thank god.

          • Delta

            You have 3 options
            1 ignore him
            2 laugh at him because a little kid is freaking out over a game
            3 use this amazing new tool called the mute button

        • MDogg

          You come back from church, where you preach about your dear lord and savior jesus christ and hate on Gays and other random stuff which will never effect you and about peace and shit (which of course is all a load a BS anyway), to come home and turn on your state of the art games console invented by an Atheist, written on a machine invented by a Gay Atheist, using an operating system invented by an Atheist (who donates more to those who need it than the church has ever done), to go around shooting people in a game??? does that sound about right? yes i know your only shooting people in a game but what i dont get is that you go to church and come back and play an fps! crazy christians, religion needs to be destroyed!

          • Agro

            Excuse me, crazy ass militant Atheist, but was ANYTHING YOU SAID relevant to anything in this article at all? I’m not religious, but it’s people like you that make me hesitant to use the label atheist for myself. Nobody said anything about gays except you, so stop trying to incite a pointless flame war.

          • Delta

            Look dipshits we are not here to talk about religion we are here to bitch at video games or visa versa

          • TheTruth

            MDogg, you are a complete and utter idiot.

          • Fuuark

            That is one of the dumbest, most idiotic and most blatantly biased comments I have ever seen in my life. Pointlessly bringing up your hateful agenda does nothing to help the image of rational, good atheists who do not concern themselves with the beliefs of others or make assumptions based off of their beliefs. You are a hateful piece of shit.

          • Shut your face

            Also lol hate on gays Why are you assuming that they are Christian number 1 and why are you assuming there the westboro bathtist church

          • Delta

            I am partly atheist and you are pissing me off shut up

        • Delta

          Every single encounter is not going to be non stop cussing that’s crazy
          90% of the time most of the people in the lobby don’t have mics

      • Adam Plymale

        Oh it’s funny you say that when there’s also those 20-30 year old trashtalkers aswell.

        It’s also funny that you folks refuse to use mute and come up with some bullshit excuse saying you have tolerance.

        It’s bullshit that Sony of all people is allowed to release an advertisement with stereotypes in it, the reason PS3 doesn’t have the problem with whiny assholes ranging from 10-40 is because nobody was given a microphone. It’s simple, you get along better with people you don’t talk to.

        We don’t need any totalitarian laws of yours, all of these pleas for these anti-kid laws are all just for selfish needs. You simply don’t want to share your bandwidth with someone younger than you, that’s all it is.

        Grow a pair and learn to mute.

        • Sabin Snake

          >>We don’t need any totalitarian laws of yours, all of these pleas for these anti-kid laws are all just for selfish needs.<<

          well actually, it doesn't matter anymore, the Xbox 720 will fix most of the kid problems on XBL anyway.

          "According to a report from GamesIndustry on Tuesday, Microsoft has applied for more revealing patents that look like they could find their way onto their next system.

          The patents suggest the Xbox 720 will be able to control how many people can watch a movie at any given time, and may also be able to enforce age restrictions.

          How will this be possible you ask?

          Well supposedly the Kinect that recognizes people when they are playing a game, will also allow Microsoft to control who plays certain games and watches certain movies, based off of age restrictions.

          The patent goes on to discuss things further by saying, "Content is distributed to consuming devices, such as televisions, set-top boxes and digital displays, with an associated license option on the number of individual consumers or viewers allowed to consume the content.

          "The limitation may comprise a number of user views, a number of user views over time, a number of simultaneous user views, views tied to user identities, views limited to user age or any variation or combination thereof, all tied to the number of actual content consumers allowed to view the content," reads the patent."

          so there you have it, problem solved. XD

          • James Daget

            put a piece of tape on the kinect and problem is solved >.>

          • Sabin Snake

            if Xbone could work without Kinect, they would not of made it mandatory to include it with the system, so I doubt a simple piece of tape would help anything.

          • TheMachine

            XBOX sucks. so no, i don’t see it working one way or the other, just like my previous 3 xboxs in which all three have died on me within a 3month span. SONY FOREVER.

          • Ross Barnes

            Yeah i’m with sony no matter what

          • Delta

            Hey I only go Xbox for halo which I can see failing miserably in the future so I might just pick up a ps4
            I did start with a ps2

          • Delta

            Oh the days when it was supposed to be called 720 good times

      • TheMachine

        Laughable, Quit your bitching, man/woman up, and IGNORE IT. Only a child, or someone with the brain of a child, would take what ANYONE says over an internet game match seriously. Honestly now, just because people like to talk shit to you over the internet doesn’t mean that THEIR gaming experience should be ruined just because YOURS is. YOU are the one letting it bother you. Do you want people to be imprisoned for talking shit to you in public? This is the most laughable response to ANYTHING I have ever heard. Congrats on that. Just MUTE THEM ALL, that’s what it is there for, problem solved. And I find it EXTREMELY EXTREMELY!!!! hard to believe that “they get their friends to send negative feedbacks or text you insulting messages”, unless YOU are the one that started it in the first place. Grow up.

        • Delta

          I’m not sexist or anything but women up?
          That sounds like something wonder women would say

      • Delta

        But I feel like the game itself m or not isnt as “too mature for kids” as online access in general
        You get into a chat room on a free game on pc, the game is e for everyone and took people start swearing over some bullcrap
        Well it’s the games fault We have to take the game away
        The developers aren’t trying to expose your kids to assholes online
        Your blowing this out of preportion and in my opinion in the wrong direction

        • Delta corrects himself

          *two people

        • Sabin Snake

          >> the game is e for everyone and took people start swearing over some bullcrap
          Well it’s the games fault We have to take the game away<<
          how is it the game's fault, when the kids are responsible for their own actions when playing the game? I suppose it's the game's fault that people are disrespectful to other players for no reason online, huh?

          • Delta

            I’m not saying its the games fault idiot
            Do I really need to put ” ” to make you understand that thats what everyone else is talking about

          • TheMachine

            Yes, because you are not using your voice to speak, so “reading sarcasm” online is almost impossible, idiot.

          • Delta

            That’s what I hate about texting no one can tell emotion for crap
            They think I would be in an”ALL CAPS RAGE!” when really I’m just speaking louder

          • TheMachine

            God, you’re dumb.

          • Delta

            Eh I really don’t care
            You have to admit I have a point about all of these annoying parents bickering

          • TheMachine

            I completely agree, you do. What’s funny though, is probably a lot of them aren’t even parents, but nerdy sensitive pussies who can’t take trash talk. Too prideful to push the mute button.

    •øberg/100001884396316 Ronny Søberg

      Serial killers can also almost always be traced back to overactive parenting.. Parents need to passively oversee the development of their children. Not order them around like minions. Parents need to guide and motivate their kids onto a productive path, not tell them what to do and not do.

      Grown ups need to be more about peace than conflict. Kids who grow up today are just surrounded by hate. The media is packed with hostility, of course the kids will pick up on that. The very fact that the words faggot, retard and the N word are among the top insults in games pretty much proves it. They shouldn’t even be insults, but since the world revolves around those things being wrong or right, the constant hatemongering of the conservative right vs the more liberal views of the left, kids think the hostilities are OK. And most of the time, the hardcore haters in game, the guys who readily throws out the N word…. they’re not mellow stoner liberals.. They most likely grew up in a household of hate. That’s where the problem lies, not with strict parenting, but by examples set by nutters.

      • xendrix85

        wow thats the most liberal bs i have ever heard….let me guess…you have no children…i have two kids … i parent with a firm hand and constantly correct….my children have near perfect school behavior and act a hell of alot better than the other kids i see around. Now my friend kyle parents in your hippie passive way and guess what…his children cuss, scream, run the parents, are not disciplined, and generally behave like wild beasts because daddy would rather reprimand them gently, try to reason with them, and be a passive parent. I on the other hand beat the hell out of my children and they are near perfect. nuff said…….

        • n b

          tell me how are their grades. bet they are below average but that’s okay cause hillbillies settle for that kind of thing, congrats on conditioning your kids to be good by beating them. guess its shows how poorly you were raised cause you have to beat your kids for them to behave, most people use their words… then again that’s what the teach in school and it sounds as if you don’t have much of an education and don’t say you have a high school diploma cause that’s a joke. sickening people how want children then when they get them its all abuse mistreatment. you think cause you raised them they have to do what you say when you say well that’s why some people just shouldn’t have children a was raise apparently by hippies cause I wasn’t beaten and I have a amazing marks in university great family do what i’m told cause I want to not cause id get beaten. like seriously call the police tell them that you do that then go rot in jail followed by hell your a terrible person

        • TheMachine

          Let me guess, you’re a republican.

          • TheMachine

            And nice, you beat your children, guarantee they are talking shit behind your back, and will grow up hating and resenting you. Trust me, I do. You’re an idiot.
            Go polish your guns, beat your wife and kids, and vote no on gay and civil rights.

        • Delta

          Well too bad there isn’t any proof of that
          “Oh I’m a parent my child is perfect check out my bumper sticks, he graduated from elementary school”
          I don’t need to be rude but I feel any parent is going to look at this subject in a naive manner because they don’t understand it from any other point of view
          I am a gamer which means I’m either very well versed in knowledge about gaming or you could say I’m part of the problem which is bs

      • n b

        over active parenting or violent abuse there’s a big diff my parents didn’t even let me have waterguns as a kid. last week a 5 year old in the south killed his 2 year old sister with his gun he got on his birthday from a store called my first gun. so yea neglect is far worse then one psychopath in a 100 million

        • TheMachine

          Dude, I agree with you, but seriously learn to speak and write English correctly with correct Grammar and punctuation, otherwise nothing you say will be taken with sufficient merit.

        • TheTruth

          It was “My First Rifle” and Kentucky is not exactly the South. You have an issue with reality it would seem.

      • TheTruth

        You should never attempt parenting, or a career as a researcher. You could not be more incorrect in on both fronts. This comment has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with accuracy and reality. Something lost in your world of delusion..

    • Delta

      Granted parenting when kids are raging isn’t monitored enough how does that play into this situation The victim had no idea what was going on either

    • TheRoosh

      What makes you think the gamer that called SWAT was a child? It sounds like a vindictive, twisted adult to me. Most of the gamers I play with are adults. I, myself, am in my 40’s. Don’t make assumptions …

  • http://Website Steve

    At least the S.W.A.T team can’t get me because im in the wrong country for a start. If idiots tried doing that to me I would of got the person in jail, no matter were he was.

  • http://Website Krait

    @ Zero37

    Yes ofcourse it is!, I would love to see it when their kid leaves home into the real world and gets his ass kicked for real because of his/her assholness.

    You teach your kid to do the right thing you can’t stay with them 24/7, I hope the kid that called the police get caught and given a decent lesson.

  • skyjets

    what lol

  • Pachuco6969

    You are gay, guys like you get picked on your whole live’s. You are weak!! That’s why a 8 year old can pic on you. When dealing with the public, the trash talking is to be expected. You are one of two things,the first thing could be that you are very Naive and have no idea about how the American public acts, or you are gay and have never been excepted by your local community. Saying that, you would have no exspearaence dealing with people and you only know what you have seen on T.V. From the 1950’s like leave it to Beaver, because you parents are in there 90’s. All I can say is, grow a pair of ball’s you pussy. The way you bitch you sound like a old lady who has not got there social security check.

    Have a great day

    • Puffy You know dis

      Wow grade A ass hole, twats like you are the morons most of these posts speak of. I totally agree that parents should be held accountable for allowing under age wankers from playing 18+ games. We shouldn’t have to accept trash talking minors who haven’t hit puberty but can trash talk like they have a pair that have dropped already. Also drop the gay part as your showing your suppressed feelings towards other men and lets face it in this day and age you have nothing to fear. You can come out now 😉 personally Once a minor is reported enough they should be checked out by xbl or psn and then reported for playing games above their age range. They should then have their families dragged through court and either fined or imprisoned. After enough stupid backward parents get nailed the online community will become a better place. At least after enough punishments you will safely know the person trash talking you is at a beatable age. Ah sht just noticed this is an 11 month old battle of words and that the knob above has more than likely come out already and turned into a nice lass or chap. Oh well

      • jeronimo


      • TheMachine

        Wow, all of that over playing a game? Pretty illogical and a complete WASTE of tax-payer’s money.

        • Delta

          Well that is a hacker for you

  • Sean Brinson

    Abuse of the 911 call. Someone just trash talked their way into a jail cell… good luck explaining that one to mum and dad haha!

  • Sean Brinson

    Abuse of the 911 call AND swat team. Woooo someone just trash talked their way into a jail cell… haha good luck explaining that one to mom and dad!

    • dsf

      TBH, avoiding this is very easy to do with a spoofed number and WAP not your own. Even when the IP used was traced through ISP records, they’d only hit the house you used. Killing two birds with one stone comes to mind. Doing stuff like this while wardriving is actually less risky than using stolen cable via a hacked modem.

      • TheTruth

        dsf. Wrong. Completely. It is merely a matter of significance, and resources. Every call placed can be traced to it’s source in the U.S. But for this to be done there is an investment in resources and a crime that did not cause physical harm would likely not be worth that investment. But the spoofed number and Wap comment did make me giggle.

  • Penis

    this kid is just fucked up. there is nothing else to say.

  • Anonymous

    If someone did this to me, they better thank god that I don’t know how to hack. They’d have a lot more to worry about than me sending SWAT to their house.

    • Anonymous

      like what ruin his credit? bitch please

      • TheMachine


  • matt666

    OK first of all the kid shouldn’t be playing it because it’s a 18 rated game, and second of all I hope he got arrested

    • TheMachine

      wahh wahh wahh

      • matt666

        wow that’s mature oh wait you must be a kid who plays COD to come up with that kind of comment…

        • TheMachine

          Haha, no, I’m 24 who hates COD. I am just annoyed at how 18-20 years olds (like yourself) refer to these “18-rated games” when you yourself played them as a kid, and still are now. now THAT is some hypocritical bullshit you say just to make yourself seem more mature.

          • matt666

            I’m 23 so don’t try to guess people ages when you get it wrong, you just make yourself look foolish, I wouldn’t give a shit if the squeaky voice kids didn’t shout down there mic but oh yea they do further more half of them just don’t bother to help the team with the objectives they just spin around getting them selves killed,

          • TheMachine

            Yeah, i bet you are. Who cares, let them play the way they want to play. You do the same. By the way, Xbox sucks ass.

          • matt666

            yet I being the more mature who was being mature until you had to but in mmm yes you just make yourself sound like a COD kid even more

          • TheMachine

            nice comeback

          • matt666

            I not getting into a debate about his but you have just proved my point

    • Delta

      Why are you assuming the hacker was a kid
      You can’t be blaming the victim here

      • matt666

        Because its mostly kids or immature fags who would usually get that upset over a game.

  • Delete El Diablo

    yeah when i was 3 i was playing halo 2 in Palmer AK and i was online with a few people from my dad’s work (the fire dept) and some others. and i was kicking MAJOR butt (TRUE STORY PEOPLE!) i had the most kills by 5 or 6 because the game was 20 or 25 minutes. then a few days later some dude from the match i was in when i was kicking butt came into a single-player game on BloodGultch and sniped me in the head and i saw him do it! i was this close || to sniping him. (the || shows i close i was) and he walked away and it didn’t say i was killed by anyone it just said “Suicide.”

    • TheMachine

      whats this got to do with anything?

  • Delete El Diablo

    FYI i am 12 now

  • smashbrolink

    And I thought I couldn’t have a lower opinion of some of the people in the Live community…

  • kizi

    What’s this ? i don’t know

  • James Daget

    stop being a pansy and mute everyone in the game. I never have my mics on for anyone online unless my RL friends are playing the game with me. Otherwise dont even bother talking to me b/c I cant hear yea!

  • Marp

    Lolz that guy overreact much!

  • oj

    all of you people who are like o these kids shouldn’t be playing 18+ games are just wrong im 14 bout to be 15 and I don’t rage unless im just joking with friends if you are really mad about kids trash talking either don’t listen be smart about or mute them its not that hard your acting like you have to talk to the supreme court to get confirmation

    • TheMachine

      I agree with you, although i’m 24, I think the rating system is so stupid, and these “laws” these retards (The above posters) are proposing are just their self-conscious mind speaking out of their inability to kick ass in a video game. instead of bitching about shit talking, there is a MUTE button for a reason. So stop the crying and the whining and USE it.

  • TheTruth

    You are obviously not a parent. Or shouldn’t be. Either way.

    • Delta

      You are obviously a parent or should be either way

  • Delta

    “Tough homosexual” lol

  • James


  • Notice

    Heads Up!!!!
    Lots of naive stupid parents bickering about stupid crap

  • TheRoosh

    Bizarre. However, I would have loved to call SWAT on a gamer who actually DESERVED it …. XD

  • aldo kain

    I haven’t played online with others ,but I noticed alot of games have cussing and yelling in them. How can a child or adult play those games and not get “worked up” to the point they cuss and scream too.. As for the parents here YOU are in charge of what happens to your kids. If you hate around them they will hate too. But Christians don’t (should not) hate anyone. Jesus teaches love and mercy both are left out these days!!! The Bible teaches the the gay lifestyle is not what God intended because men turned their backs on God and he gave them up their own wickedness! Christians are to pray for sinners and hope they get saved by Jesus, because without Jesus both straight and gay people are going to hell!

    • Sabin Snake

      which is why people should petition against Disney for having gay parades and make sodomy illegal in the US, just like it is in Malaysia and other countries, which I find pretty funny, considering what the punishment is LOL!!

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