XBOX Live threat backed up

Many of us here have been threatened online while playing video games before. Most of them are usually by our friends whose asses you’re kicking or just some random loser you pwned. But we never took it seriously, though that may change now. According to Lewisville CBS, a player was chatting online with friends when an unknown user came and threatened him by hacking his information and sending SWAT to his house. Like I said before, these things happen all the time, and we get used to it and learn to ignore them. But this one stuck to his threat and called it in.

After 20 minutes the Lewisville SWAT received a call from AT&T Instant Message Relay Service. This service allows hearing impaired users to reach someone with a standard phone. The message received by the operator was that a person was shot and there was someone still in the house. The first few officers to arrive saw no signs of shooting at the home. The parents were the first to see the the SWAT team outside the house with a bullhorn calling his name. The family started to go outside the house to see what was going on, but when they decided to return into the house, they feared for the worst.

Once back inside the house the mother called 911 telling the operator of the situation. The operator connected her to the person in charge and was able to convince the family to come out. Once everything was cleared up the police investigated the incident as a false report/alarm. They are currently trying to get a subpoena to get the information of the person who called in the report.

Source: CBS


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  • well I have gotten death threats from eleven old in MW3, CRAZY !
    Some players take games too seriously 😀
    anyway, my friend just also told me about site , got free xbox live on second try, worked !

  • =D


  • Parents really, really need to monitor their children’s online activity more. I’m disgusted every time I hear a story like this because it can almost always be traced back to negligent parenting.

    • Sabin Snake

      parents don’t need to monitor their kids, they need to take the games away from them or stop buying rated MA games for them completely. I dunno about you, but I HATE playing with trash talkers and being cussed at for no reason while playing a game (most of them are 8 – 15+ year olds). they ruin the game experience for the people (like me) who are trying to enjoy playing the game most of the time. it’s pathetic that I and other gamers have to put up with it all. I could put them on mute, but that doesn’t do anything about getting them off the game, they can just have their friends send me negative feedbacks or text me insulting messages (which has happened a lot). I shouldn’t have to mute them at all. I pay for XBL to have fun playing games online, not to be insulted by a bunch of white trash 8 – 15 year old children who think it’s ok to be irrational to other people whenever they feel like it. Stores need to make a new policy against parents who buy video games for their children that they aren’t even suppose play at all. especially if the game is rated MA and the child is 8 – 15 years old. it should be illegal. 

      >XBOX Live threat backed up<

      THIS is a PERFECT example why parents shouldn't buy their kids games like MW2 and 3, Gears of War, Halo and other games with multiplayer in them, so that somthing like this would not of happened and plus these games are rated MA. the kids don't even belong playing them.     

  • At least the S.W.A.T team can’t get me because im in the wrong country for a start. If idiots tried doing that to me I would of got the person in jail, no matter were he was.

  • @ Zero37

    Yes ofcourse it is!, I would love to see it when their kid leaves home into the real world and gets his ass kicked for real because of his/her assholness.

    You teach your kid to do the right thing you can’t stay with them 24/7, I hope the kid that called the police get caught and given a decent lesson.

  • skyjets

    what lol

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