‘I Am Alive’ – The least you can say on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder for many people out there, but the least you can say to yourself is, “I Am Alive”. If it will make you feel any better, at least you don’t have to go around foraging for supplies, encountering and then bow-and-arrowing creepy, desperate strangers, avoiding toxic gas, and hoping that Earth has a future (or do you?).

What is I Am Alive?
I Am Alive follows an everyman’s journey to find his wife and daughter, who were lost during the ‘Event.’ A year later, he finds Haventon, his hometown, in shambles. Buildings are destroyed, toxic ash fills the streets, and society has been torn, causing inhabitants to take all necessary actions to survive.

As for the music score, composer, Jeff Broadbent, had this to say:
“Creating the score for I Am Alive was an exciting undertaking. The unique nature of the game allowed for a very creative and experimental approach to scoring. After first hearing of Ubisoft’s concept and direction for this title, I knew it was a project that would allow for creative freedom and exploration. A sense of environmental desolation was essential in crafting the aural landscapes of I Am Alive. Because of this, the music often uses ethereal and sound-design inspired approaches, blending organic and synthetic elements to create the sonic imagery of devastation and abandonment within a crumbling city. The quest of our unnamed protagonist to survive and protect the young girl Mei allowed for the use of poignant emotional themes and motifs.”

Ubisoft has just announced that I Am Alive has an official release date of March 7th, 2012 for 1200 MS points ($15) on Xbox Live. A PS3 version should hit the PSN sometime this Spring as well.

Check out a few trailers for I Am Alive, below:

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