Red-headed Fem-Shep gets her very own Mass Effect 3 story trailer

Did you know that 13% of Mass Effect players play as the default Commander Shepard? Honestly, I can’t fathom not customizing my character. Another 18% choose to play as a female Commander Shepard, and while in most other games this might not make a significant difference, in Mass Effect it makes all the difference because there’s such a strong emphasis on dialogue.

I know it may be too late to go back now, considering that most of you have played as a male Commander Shepard, and maybe he’s the only Shepard that could possibly exist for you, but Jennifer Hale has done really excellent voice-over work on the series that makes replaying the series worth the “effort”.

Bioware has just put out the first significant bit of media that focuses on that lovable underdog, Fem-Shep. Is she for you? Only clicking on the video below will give you insight into that conundrum.

Mass Effect 3 is slowly making its way to the United States (March 6th), and across the pond in Europe (March 9th) for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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