WWE begins to build for The Rock vs John Cena at Wrestlemania

We are just one month away from seeing two of wrestling’s biggest icons collide. So far rumors have been swirling around that The Rock may appear at this month’s PPV to lead into next month’s tour. The WWE just released a new promo video for both, The Rock and John Cena, following their lives and careers, and how it is all leading up to this year’s Wrestlemania.

Recently online, the two mega stars have already begun to throw verbal shots at one another over Twitter.

@JohnCena: Saw rock’s video. Especially liked the quote “when I left WWE…” Something u will never hear me say. WM28 I WILL NOT LOSE! #teamfilmit
: Just finished the advertised main event in OKC. Sorry match didn’t make RAW..but sometimes..ya just gotta be there. Dwayne u know what im…
: Actually…sorry. wrong guy. See you soon movie star.

@JohnCena: twitvid.com/SV1WH – Yesterday @ Wichita Falls Athletic Club. 638 pound deadlift. Ready to whoop on #teamfilmit
@TheRock: @JohnCena Settle down cowgirl. Your lemon panties are getting bunched up in your lady parts. #HustleLoyaltyVagisil
@JohnCena: Once again outclassed by #thefakeone man it would be a shame if Dwayne got beat by a guy with a mangina. Hey hollywood what u doin april 9?
@TheRock: @JohnCena @WWE #RAW 2/27. Portland, OR. The night The Rock slaps the feminine napkin out of John Cena. #UWhiningBitch
@JohnCena: How he used to be in WWE and once went to Wichita, and how good it was…u know before he left…and the whatever came back…only to say
: He was home and never leaving….only to leave again. Bring your boots movie star. Ill see u april 1st. Meanwhile ill do my job…
: One that I would never leave. The one I love. The one u left. #everyotherdaybesideswrestlemaina

@JohnCena: In Wichita today. Maybe my buddy Dwayne from #Teamfilmit will be here…probably not. But maybe ill be lucky enuff to get a message about
@TheRock: @WWE Saw the Cena video. You’re a good man John – you’ll be even better when you take your Wrestlemania ass kickin like a man. #TeamBringIt
@JohnCena: Lotta static bout Dwayne’s absence in Topeka. No need to worry. He will be there April 1…then we settle it

Thing may be heating up online but “The Great One” is currently busy doing press junkets for his new film Journey 2. During a recent interview. The People’s Champ talked about staying in shape and how he continues to prepare for his big match while filming.

You fit it in, that’s what you do. I make sure there’s a ring on location with me, anywhere that I shoot. I had a ring down in New Orleans, when I was preparing for the Madison Square Garden event. I have a ring down in Florida, a ring down in Louisiana; there’s always a ring close by. In order to prep for WrestleMania, it’s a lengthy training camp that requires daily work inside the ring because you can’t simulate the physicality of professional wrestling.

The Rock is a busy man, he just recently finished wrapping his new film Snitch. He is also scheduled to star in a new film called Pain and Gain, which will be directed by none other than Michael Bay. Following Pain and Gain, The Rock is scheduled to run with Vin Diesel once again in Fast Six, but more than anything, The Rock is excited to get back to doing what he does best.

I’m excited about WrestleMania; to be able to go back, team up with Vince [McMahon] and make a big vision like that come to life and create the biggest match-up of all time is very special to me. There’s countless matches that have moved me and inspired me, and we’re going to do something very special down in Miami, my hometown, sold-out Sun Life Stadium. Boots to John Cena‘s ass.

The Rock is scheduled to appear “physically” at numerous WWE events all through March leading up to Wrestlemania. Just announced, The Rock will appear at the post Wrestlemania RAW on April 2nd at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

I hope your excited as I am to see these two superstars battle it out at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania airs April 1st live from Miami on PPV.

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