The Wolverine gets a July 2013 release date

The sequel to the not-so-hot X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie will be released on July 26, 2013. Thankfully Hugh Jackman has kept the role of Wolverine throughout all of the X-Men movies as well as the Origins story. If the character was changed at any point, I would have been thoroughly pissed. Unfortunately last year Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler), who was initially scheduled to direct the film, dropped out. Since then, James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) is on track to helm the production. Chris McQuarrie (X-Men, The Usual Suspects) originally wrote the script, but was later re-drafted by Mark Bomback (Total Recall remake).

The movie itself is set in Japan and has Wolverine searching for clues to his past which includes being caught up in Japanese crime syndicates. He also falls in love with a married woman that leads him to facing her father and samurai brothers, then eventually the infamous Silver Samurai. I actually have a good amount of confidence in this movie and hope it comes out well.

Source: Movie Fone

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