New 2D Super Mario Bros. Game Headed to 3DS

If there’s anything you can count on, it’s Nintendo heading over to their crane game filled with their video game properties, snatching up something from the top, and making a brand new game. The real problem is that they keep refilling the crane game with Mario plushies every time they play.

I mean, Here we are, just a few months out from the release of Super Mario 3D Land, and Nintendo has just announced that there’s another Mario game coming to 3DS. When? It will be out within the next fiscal year (March 2012-March 2013), though I’m sure it will hit that sweet spot just before Christmas so everyone can get a piece of it.

I suppose as long as they bring something new to Mario’s world, and it’s not just a pure rehash, I’ll be happy. However, it would be nice to see, I dunno, a new 2D Metroid game with high-res visuals and deep gameplay. Only in my dreams…

Source: Nintendo

Ryan Southard

Ryan Southard is a video game enthusiast, dissecting games down to their tiniest details. Whether it’s new or it’s old, as long as it’s awesome, he’ll play it. Follow him on Twitter at @Ryan_Southard

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