Rumor: Xbox 720 is Anti-Used Games

It’s about two years away from the supposed launch of Microsoft’s next system, the “Xbox 720″, yet the rumor mill churns out the craziest things well in advance. This latest rumor is that the Xbox 720 will not play used games (Source: Kotaku). That’s right. No more borrowing or renting (at least not in the traditional way). It’s possible that there could be digital rentals, but I don’t think that will convince Gamefly to not head to the bar for several rounds tonight.

Kotaku is reporting that, according to their sources, the Xbox 720 will use Blu-Ray discs instead of DVDs (thank jeebus), allowing for more textures and game content. We might also be looking at a newer, smaller controller when the next console launches.

The end of video game-centric brick and mortar stores may be closer than we all imagined, seeing as how used games make up a large chunk of their profits. That is, if this rumor turns out to be true.

Via: VG247
Source: Kotaku

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  • http://Website Reboot

    The last system to cock block used games was the PSP Go, and we all know how that worked out. You cant expect to restrict and punish gamers and expect them to like your system. If they go through with this, the next xbox will probably flop.

    I do most of my gaming with onlive anyways, so i could care less about the consoles. There is only one gamestop i like to go to because i got some friends there, other then that, i think the way they treat there employees is terrible, and there prices on used games are sometimes unfair. (dont even get me started on “new” gutted games, i just got one a couple weeks ago :(… )

    We need more brick and mortar stores though, it creates a healthy competition, and keeps a company from basically monopolizing an industry, and basically inflating costs. I miss the old days of, EB Games, Software Etc., Virgin Records, and local replay stores. Gamestop really ruined, and help bring about the modern game era, they are both sides of the coin.

    • http://Website Reboot

      you make a good point, gamestop joining the digital market does actually bring it more competition. It strange to think that all my shopping may be done online in my lifetime.

      I guess im an old fashion type of guy, i like going to the shop with friends, running amok, and finding the jems, and talking to people. Ive made good friends in game stores ie. Warhammer store, Gamestop, Games Keeper.

  • http://Website Richard

    Well. Buy a uses system will all the games on it or system+account!? Hmmm. But still, this is a scary rumor.

  • Oliver

    But we need a bit of exercise plodding around the shops every now and then?? :)

  • http://Website Great.

    Removing the prerogative from the customer, typical.
    Pretty soon we’ll never have to leave the house for anything as it’ll all be provided for us at full price. Paradise.

    Just part of the corporations commodifying every single aspect of our lives, soon we’ll be allowed no autonomy. If this goes through, we won’t even be able to lend games to our friends.

    If the next play station lacks this technology, I’m opting for it over the 720.

  • http://Website kutabacchimae

    The public is not ready for digital only. Remember, not every gamer is in a metropolitan US city with high speed internet always available. There are lots of markets (middle America, South America, and Australia immediately come to mind) that do not have that kind of access. Going digital only means you cut out all of those potential customers. Also, look at the digital only PSP Go, which can’t even sell in Japan. Digital only is a dead end for gaming and will hopefully never get traction.

  • http://Website alan mcarsehole

    If M$ do make their next xbox not play used or rented games then I for one won’t be buying it. It will be the end of their console gaming arm of the department.
    Fucking greedy bastards at M$ that want every penny and I mean every penny of your money.
    Or is this article just another badly written bit of scare mongering so we click on the link and the website get paid and people make comments on it like me because I believe everything I read and don’t believe 9/11 was an inside job. I thought so.
    Typical fascist scare mongering pricks.

  • http://Website John

    Anyone who doubts that this could happen, PC gaming says hello. There hasn’t been used pc games for years, and do you ever hear pc gamers complaining about it? Nope.

    • Captainkilla05

      The reason you don’t hear pc gamers complaining is because they can download games off Steam for $10 or less.

  • http://Website Dave

    Going digital on books was supposed to be cheaper too. We are now seeing how that is working. Printed books are cheaper than digital.

  • Henry

    It doesn’t matter how the new Xbox look like. I believe MS will make a attractive design but I hope its durable this time.

  • NIRDude

    Is it just me or is the gaming industry turning into the health care system?

    Need Insurance A to go see Dr. A

    Need Console A to play A games while your friend has B games

  • Deshra

    This rumor has been explained as a ridiculous and pointless rumor. Game informer had an analyst talk about the rumors. and he debunked several including that the 720 will be sans disc drive, and lock out used games, and that the PS4 will use a Kinect like controller.  1. losing the disc drive would alienate a LOT of gamers. 2. Locking out used games would cost them too much in the long run to even risk doing it. and 3. Why would Sony ditch the excellent “Move” system that is clearly more precise than the kinect for the kinect? No I am not biased I have both, and I have less issues with my move, hell I have less issues with my Wii’s motion controls.

  • Duncan Fisher

    I’ve also heard the new Playstation will not accept used or rented games.  All I can say to both Microsoft and Sony is – Asta la vista!  Most of my gamer friends out there trade games, buy and sell used games and rent before buying.  I know they’ll ditch their consoles should such a restriction be implemented.

    Same goes for me.  I have the 360, PS3 and a Wii.  I can guarantee you that if I can’t buy (or sell) used games, I’ll be leaving consoles for good. (Minus my NES and SNES, they’ll be buried with me.)  I also believe that such an idiotic measure may bring the death to consoles everywhere making people go for a PC platform instead.

    Who knows, hopefully we’ll get some concrete leaks from Kotaku over the coming months.

  • CapnEO_Crowley

    I KNOW IF THIS HAPPENS I MIGHT, HAVE TO “Re-Think” About, picking up the Xbox 720.

  • Blake Condit

    Okay….. now let’s think about this is a NOT retarded way. If Microsoft actually did this…. WHAT would they accomplish? They would lose sales, the whole reason used games and such exist is because someone didn’t like the game, or just didn’t want to play it again, and gave it away so someone else could play it. So the only reason I can think of them doing something like this is if they are done with gaming and just want to stop existing as a company. No, this is easily disregarded and whoever spread this rumor is flat out retarded and just seeking attention.

  • Nelo3211

    WELL IF IT DOES HAPPEN PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO WAIT FOR THE USED GAME AND PLAY IT ARE SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1000x)

  • Steve F

    Well duh! Gaming, as well as music and movies, is moving to digital download formats. As soon as they can make this exclusive, it’s ALL win for the industry. They will no longer have to spend money on mass-producing hard copies, only to end up with hundreds of thousands of unsold copy… AND they will eliminate the hated used market… AND AND they will no longer have to lower gaming prices (again, because they won’t have those warehouses full of unsold hard copies). Get ready for games PERMANENTLY fixed at $50!!

  • Steve F

    By the way – if this happens, we owe it to ourselves to boycott the 720 and make it a flop… if we buy it ANYWAY, then we deserve the cash grab they will be unleashing on us.

    Are you listening, all you who bought Lucas’ STAR WARS Blu-Rays!!?

  • loch

    This will kill the console gaming industry for Microsoft if they do this. Lets hope if they do do this, that Sony won’t follow in their footsteps and instead release a console that is both affordable and good that comes with the winning benefit of being able to use.

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