Disney’s Prince Charming set to appear on the Cover of GQ Magazine?!

You: “Really?!”

No, of course not! Who do you think they are, Playboy?

Luckily, crafty Tumblr user Petite Tiaras has used some of her excellent photoshopping skills to make my dream…uh…I mean your dream a reality. I mean she really went to town on this whole concept. Aladdin in Time Magazine, Hercules on Men’s Fitness. The one that really made me ROFL was Beast on the cover of National Geographic.

These new issues aren’t just eye candy. In the new issue of Men’s Health, Mulan’s Mushu gives his Tell-All about his great achievements and struggles. Oh, but that’s not all. In the next issue of Details, John Smith gives his exclusive on a new found land.

They’re all pretty hilarious and definitely worth checking out. If that wasn’t enough, Petite Tiaras also did a gallery on Disney Princesses on the cover of Women’s magazine a couple of months back. Don’t worry, we’ll include those pictures in this post as well.

Something tells me if this girl doesn’t work for Disney already, they are probably frantically looking for her, because this stuff is marketing gold. Make sure to check out both full galleries below.

Disney Princes

Disney Princesses

Obviously, this is not a Disney Princesses........or is it? XP

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