That’s A Huge Freaking Hammer Death Has In Darksiders II


Darksiders II is set to continue the story of the Apocalypse right where the first title left off. With the second Horseman, Death, at the forefront, players will be able to feel his incredible power and ruthless brutality.

Much like War did before, Death will also be able to supplement his arsenal with a good supply of additional weaponry to dismember his adversaries with, if these screenshots are any indication. These include a pair of wicked claws, a large axe, and an even bigger hammer. There’s even a rideable construct that can be used to trample anything in your path. He’ll probably need all of them, because some of these enemies look to be just as big as his tools, and pretty nasty as well.

Darksiders II is set to drop this coming June for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a WiiU version coming later on down the road.



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