CES 2012: Westinghouse HDTV

Westinghouse's Powerhouse 70" LED HDTV Sideview

What is Westinghouse? Westinghouse is a technology company known for bringing the latest high-end technology to consumers at affordable prices.

The Nerd Reactor Team wants to bring attention to those ideas and introduce their new big and stylish lineups of HDTV ranging from 19” to 70”, which is stunning to the eye. The Nerd Reactor Team enjoyed the newer LED HDTV 1080p, 120Hz set being one of the slimmest, largest, and most compact sets available by Westinghouse.

The first HDTV took the team by surprise was the striking 70” and 55” sets featuring 1080p full HD smoothing at 120Hz with a refresh rate with 8ms response time. Three HDMI, one component, and one VGA input for plenty of console and computer hook ups.

The Westinghouse also featured the ultra-slim sexy bezel LED HDTVs available in 46” with 120Hz refresh rate and super-fast 6.5 ms response time. The 1080p full HD weighs at an amazing 38 lbs compared to the usual average of 44 to 60lbs.

Ultra-Slim Bezel

For those looking for 3D, Westinghouse will be introducing 47” 3D HDTV featuring the latest passive 3D LCD technology.  The set will provide four pairs of polarized 3D glasses compared to the usual two pairs.

Not in the market for the best and latest LED technology? Westinghouse has released four CCFL-based sets aimed at a bang for your money deal.

Westinghouse also displays their wireless Bluetooth soundbar pumping out 12 watts from class D amplifier with boosted bass.

Compared to most HDTV, Westinghouse offers good quality electronics  from anything like movies to videogames. Westinghouse new line of products will be available Q1 and Q2, so stay tuned for more updates on Westinghouse.


Source: Ledtv, Westinghouse

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