is Mega Gone!

Without the help of SOPA behind these turn of events, mega file sharing site, Megaupload, has been shutdown indefinitely, this according to The Washington Post, Before shutting down, the site proudly posted the following:

The fact is that the vast majority of Mega’s Internet traffic is legitimate, and we are here to stay. If the content industry would like to take advantage of our popularity, we are happy to enter into a dialogue. We have some good ideas. Please get in touch.

One of, if not the most intriguing thing in all of this, is that Megaupload has/was sponsored by several celebrities and musicians around the world. Swizz Beatz, who is a musician himself and is married to Alicia Keys, another musician, is said to be active CEO of the company. Check out this video bellow of just how open Megaupload was of their marketing and friendship with the various artist in the industry it was file sharing with.

Who is reportely behind the accusations and thrust into Megaupload’s mega dismantling? None other than the Motion Picture Association of America. For more reasons than one, and the fact that the association has been cracking down on any pirating sites, globally, for sometime now, they have honed their scopes and picked off Megaupload in an unrelenting way.

So I guess my only question is: Why do we need SOPA and PIPA again?


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  • http://Website DamnitSOPA

    God damn it, this stupid bill just got one of the biggest download sites pulled and Congress hasn’t even voted on the bill yet! Then again, if these are the people who made PIZZA a VEGETABLE, I think this is a taste of things to come when SOPA is brought in. Before you know it, POOF! The whole ‘net must consist of adverts alone, business sites, game dev websites ETC maybe an exception (but they can be seen as ads) and maybe people will create their own IP’s if not every company gets Viacom on Youtube-type power over the internet. This has to stop or the internet, except advert-type content for major players, will be pulled from beneath our feet. Time for phase 2.

    • Steve Ahmad

      I never knew Pizza was a Vegetable! I’ll have to inform my girl friend of this the next time she says “you are breaking your DIET Steve!” It’s a good thing that both bills have been halted indefinitely. Check our main page DamnitSOPA!

  • http://[email protected] F**KSOPA

    SOPA/PIPA is bull shit. The internet started as free and should always be free, Just like the USA the land of the free (unless this gets passed).. I guess this is the reaction of the Economy for the rich people, I feel the economic struggle as its hard to keep a roof over my head and bills paid… The Entertainment group has finally felt it, I guess now, its hard for them to pay for there Million dollar homes and there 200 thousand dollar cars, so they wanna fight back…….. WTF about us lower or middle class? How do we fight back against the economy?

    • Steve Ahmad

      I agree. SOPA/PIPA should F*%$ off! I think once the industry elitist realize that the American people will NEVER give up their internet to any entity corporation, then the sooner they can really invest in the sites that still bring in revenue, but also give most freedom to the viewers: Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and so on. Check out our main page F**KSOPA, good news regarding the legislation!!

  • Genevieve LeBlanc

    Sad thing is that Megaupload was very good about removing copyright material from their site once they were informed. I’d say they’re actually one of the best sites on the web for it.

    • Steve Ahmad

      Yeah, they were one of the greats. Let’s hope they still will be. I think they will be back soon.

  • http://Website Not A. Troll

    Ok, so, megaupload is gone? Hm. Ok. Still here? Ok. Makes f**king sense.

    • Steve Ahmad

      Sh*$ rolls down hill, didn’t you know!?

  • http://Website Nick Carter

    It’s feeling that we are going to have start paying to listen and play games that we can find free at this time. I f–king hate SOPA and I hope that rapidshare and 4shared is next to shut down. I just hope “Anonymous” would just like do something about. They hacked the PS3 network, I’m guessing SOPA is next

  • http://Website in.ur,face.SOPA

    damn~ Megaupload is my vault..! I post million files there..! So, we still don’t even know when we can retrieve our files again..?
    Oh man., this is ridiculous..!
    Is there any further information about this..?

    • Steve Ahmad

      If you post million of files there, then aren’t you the vault? Or do you delete your files from your hard drive as you go?

  • http://Website prem

    one thing to understand from this is to never host a server in the f**king U.S.A….. and let FBI get their hands on it.

    and second enterupload is also gone……

    and lastly people will go back to pioneers of filesharing sites
    e.g – rapidshare , mediafire.

    go to hell fileserve,filesonic,flejungle and other craps out there.

    • Steve Ahmad

      You seem to have a love and hate relationship with file sharing sites. LOL

  • Steve Ahmad

    Nick Carter:

    It’s feeling that we are going to have start paying to listen and play games that we can find free at this time. I f–king hate SOPA and I hope that rapidshare and 4shared is next to shut down. I just hope “Anonymous” would just like do something about. They hacked the PS3 network, I’m guessing SOPA is next

    I don’t really understand what you are saying here, Sorry.

  • http://Website Timothy

    It sickens me to see a site that didn’t deserve to go down perish under the flag of SOPA/PIPA. I understand the need to get rid of piracy but you don’t attack the entire internet when you try to stop it. It’s those idiotic bureaucratic ass-hats that are to blame for SOPA/PIPA even being around, This would have never started up if it weren’t for people like the MPAA and others complaining about “rampant piracy” causing loss in sales numbers. I do think that if you like a product you should buy it. Sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare, Mediafire.. etc are indeed a way to transfer pirated material but it’s also a legitimate way for businesses to transfer files between one another. SOPA/PIPA needs to be smashed so hard into the ground that the US Congress won’t ever try to do something like this again! It’s still not too late, sign the petitions!!

    • Steve Ahmad

      +1 !!!

    • http://Website Classified name

      i agree totally this is a bunch of crap attacking the whole internet. because if you buy something thats legaly yours you cant share it with anyone else right? i saw a commercial on cnn advertising SOPA and how its the right thing, but it doesn’t ever explain what it accually does to your internet freedoms. So it sounds like a good thing everyone should vote for becuase piracy is “really bad”. then when the bill is passed everyone is like WTF are suppose to do now? and i’d sign those petitions a hundred times over if i could

  • http:// nesoor

    R.I.P Megaupload, Filesonic, Fileserve, Filejungle and UploadStation.

  • Steve Ahmad

    Thank you for the info! We have removed your link that directly attributes to downloading content that may or may not be previously owned. Thank you for your understanding!


    R.I.P Megaupload, Filesonic, Fileserve, Filejungle and UploadStation.

  • http://Website Classified name

    the worst part about this is that megaupload unlike mediashare and filesonic and other crap ACCUALY REMOVED “copyright infringing” files from their site so its really stupid how they’d get rid of this one

  • http://Website Sly

    Lol we all those sites were used for mostly pirating although it is sad to see them go. But still guys dont bs yourselves and act like you never saw it coming lol

  • John Cartwright

    The Megaupload website is gone, but Rapidshare, 4shared and others are still around. 4shared is very handy with the 4shared app to upload files from your `phone to the web and then download from anywhere to a PC. Are they going to shut down these other filesharing websites as well?

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